Life’s little pleasantries…

This was a week for foreign visitors… my dear Jene was playing host to a model from the UK. The Celt crashed on his couch for a week. He met her and her significant other Michael last year over a beer when they were in the city on photo shoots. The original connection was made years ago on a photographer/model site called MuseCube which until last year we were all members. Being familiar through emails and photography forum chats, Jene thought it ok to let her stay at his place while she worked with other photographers. In lieu of payment, she offered a 3 hour photosession, which was extended to me.

Also in town was another Musecube photographer Eduard Lampe and one of his model’s. We arranged to meet Sunday afternoon. Eduard, Jene and I took to the streets of the city while the models were working. He stayed at a rather new, trendy inexpensive hotel called The Pod on East 51st Street. We strolled up to Central Park, while Jene pointed out various historic buildings and stories about them. (He should give a guided walking tour to tourist.) We shot as we walked and chatted about photography. I regret not taking Eduard up on his wanting to shoot my portrait in the park. (I was sweating and my hair was matted, I had camera and pocketbook straps crisscrossed over my chest, not feeling very attractive at the moment, I said although flattered would pass at the moment).

Before going out for dinner, we stopped at Jene’s apt for a respite and to show Eduard the prints that were hanging on his walls. The Celt joined us midway through our meal for a glass of vino and we all grabbed our cameras and hopped into the Cougar for a ride to Brooklyn for the Manhattan skyline. Shooting bridges at night is better with a tripod but we all managed to get a couple of shots that we liked. The weather was perfect, clear skies, warm with the cool breeze of the night.
With no other bookings on Monday, we set up lights, black seamless and cloth for the shoot. Luckily Jene’s flash worked on my camera because it wasn’t firing on his. After shooting her with various colors of silk and cloth, Jene’s trigger finger must have tired and he turned the shoot over to me

The Celt is a lovely 22 year old with wavy long red hair, white skin and a face that is freckled to perfection. She modeled for my “All that Glitters” and “Inner Sanctum” series. Jene moved the lights to suit my needs. I didn’t click off many images because it was already a long day and to tell you the truth I wasn’t feeling all that confident in my directing or shooting. Trying to meet my own expectations sometimes flusters me and I was afraid I was wasting her time. Plus we had didn’t get home until well after midnight.

The inner child

The inner child

What if...

What if...

Celt in Gold

Celt in Gold

I’ve posted larger versions of these images onto my website. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of really good images I shot. I honestly was afraid to view the images in front of Jene and The Celt thinking they may not be very good. Part of the problem is my eyesight – when I look at the images on camera, I can’t tell whether they are even in focus.

These 3 are some of my favorites , I dashed a dozen or so over to Jene after editing in the privacy of my home office. When I have more time I will burn what I consider really good images onto a DVD and ship them to the UK for the model. She’ll be leaving before I get back into the city tomorrow night. Ta-Ta and thanks for adding to my works in progress.

BTW , noticed that I figured out that the chain was not to lock or group things together but a link icon (Duh)


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