Photography – Flash 101 workshop

Saturday, I will be taking a workshop called Lighting 101 (… how I learned to stop worrying and love my strobe)  with Will McLeod.  I joined the Drawing the Light meet-up Group for the Photography and Lighting workshops.

I haven’t taken very many workshops or photography classes in order to become more technically knowledgable and I guess it is about time I figure out what it is that I’m actually doing when I press the buttons and turn the dial on my Canon EOS 50D.  Jene* is a walking techno geru when it comes to lenses, and ratios and the differences between a 50mm film lens and a 50mm digital lens. -calculating the sensor speed…  determining the actual mm of the lens.  The one community school photography class I took, the teacher had us read from a book and then gave us some shooting assignments.  It was a breeze  – but like a breeze, passed through my feeble brain as quickly as the information entered.

Don’t get me wrong… I have some awesome images, great eye for composition and some sort of fairy godmother that must be hovering nearby whispering directions on F-stops etc because the captures are pretty much what I was looking to get.

Being self-taught has its advantages as well as disadvantages.  Since I don’t know the technical rules to play by in order to get the best picture, I tend to shoot more with my right brain firing away.

The downside is I don’t know how to set up a shot to get the effect I am seeking in advance.  If I back light, top light, using this type of light etc will render a “whatever”.  So what I do is look through the lens at the object and the move the few hand-me-down hot lights I now have and throw a diffuser on this one of that.  This will come with time and practice and I am sure that other great photographers played with light too.

Of course there are plenty of books out there,  Jene has dropped a number of them in my lap and after reading a while, I glaze over.

* Jene Youtt , my love, an emerging fine art photographer, who’s works have been selling in the past couple of years since he started exhibiting in NY galleries and in Kyoto, Japan, a two time emmy award winner for lighting design.  His background was in performing arts, touring with various bands of the 70’s (Rolling Stones in Europe) and many dance companies (including Jose Limon company), then network TV and film.  So lighting is forte.  His passion was originally brought out in his paintings (before my time) and you can see that quality in his photographs especially those of his dancers.


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