Putting yourself out there…

This past weekend was the Monroe Center’s Open Studio Tour in Hoboken . Long day… Loaded up the car and out of the house by 9:30, landed us in Hoboken at 10 am. Unloaded, the car, pick a spot and start the process of hanging and setting up our designated area. I hung eight (20×24″ matted) prints from my Inner Sanctum and All that Glitters series and Jene Youtt hung ten prints. He was trying to sell the custom sized prints from the Kyoto solo exhibit. We also had an array of smaller prints for sale. I had 8 x 10″, and 11x 14″ matted and unmatted prints for sale hoping to meet someone’s price range. The tour ran from noon til 6 pm.

You meet a lot of interesting people, some run through as if on a conveyor belt and others want to engage in conversation with the artists. That’s what makes the effort worthwhile. A lot of the people coming are artists themselves and they stop to ask questions about the prints or lighting techniques that were used to create your images. I sold two 11 x 14″ floral prints from “A Closer Look” – Nature’s Beauty series.


after the rain_MG_0704

Being appreciated really is affirmation of who you are as an artist and a person. That’s a very nice feeling. A few people will be added to my email invites to upcoming events…

(How’s that for a segue)….

The River Mill Gallery is having it’s Grand Opening Exhibition and Artist Reception on Saturday, June 20th 10:00 am to 1:00 pm in Westfield, NJ. It’s an artist-owned gallery – Michael Chan is a photographer and his wife, Yi Yin is a portrait artist working in oil, pastel, and charcoals. Yi comes from a family of artists and we had worked together for many years.

Jene and I will be part of the group of artists who works will be exhibited at the Gallery. The list of featured artists is noteworthy:

Robert Cattan, Michael Chan, Jack Coughlin, Fritz Eichenberg, Clyde Espenschied, Nick Fasciano, Bob Hainstock, Ed Heins, Debra Hinlicky, Charles Hogarth, Michael McCurdy, Edward MacKenzie, Douglas Mesney, Carl Miller, Angela Mirro, Thomas Schmuder, Neil Selkirk, Jeffrey Stoner, Gunter Temech, David Turnley, Gloria Verdone, Mary Wehrhahn, Yi Yin, Jene Youtt, Tong Yun Zhang.


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