Artists converge on the River Mill Art Gallery Opening (Westfield, NJ)

The RiverMill Gallery was established a few years ago but has moved to Westfield, NJ and had it’s mayoral ribbon cutting ceremony this past Saturday. June 20th.


I wish my former colleague, the very talented painter Yi Yin and her equally talented photographer, husband Michael Chan the best of luck in their new neighborhood. A dozen or so of the featured artists were among the attendees.

Artist: Mary Durante Wehrhahn discusses lighting for nudes

Artist: Mary Durante Wehrhahn discusses lighting for nudes

art appreciation 101 at the RiverMill Art Gallery in Westfield, NJ

art appreciation 101 at the RiverMill Art Gallery in Westfield, NJ


The rain didn’t dampen any spirits and the gallery was buzzing with conversations of artistic styles and stories.

Joseph Csatari, who had worked for Norman Rockwell told countless stories to Jene Youtt. I chatted with Gloria Verdone about our love of flowers and how we both found a sense of serenity in the wisteria oil painting that she did. She loved the sensual curves of the untitled nude I had photographed. We spoke about my Inner Sanctum body of works and how I wanted to share with the audience, the thoughts and emotions that my images stirred. People like my indepth study of thoughts, emotions and desires and come up with a story that they relate to. It was wonderful to hear how my one image evoked slightly different stories to a number of the women and even the men that admired the figure. Meeting

Debra Hinlicky and chatting with Nick Fasciano about their art was enticing. I love the simple lines of Nick’s classic nudes and found out that he designed the logo for the music group – Chicago.

Michael and Yi had placed cards with tidbits of interesting facts about each artist next to their works which was not only insightful but a great conversation starter.

So if you are heading over to Trader Joe’s in Westfield, you are only a few blocks away from the RiverMill Art Gallery – 504 North

(For anyone not familiar with Westfield, Michael Chan is conducting a photography walk/tour in July.’s%20new/what_new.html )


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