Shooting and loving it! (photography that is)

New York photographer Jene Youtt & I have teamed up as wedding photographers (Tri-state area). We’ve done weddings before but now we are merging our talents in a business arrangement. I am psyched (old dated term), stoked. A September outdoor wedding ceremony up in CT. at the Fox Hill Inn. Can’t wait…

Talk about loving what you do (how’s this for a segue)

I woke up yesterday and turned on the news for the weather since I was going into the city via mass transit… a news report on a very popular Funemployed blog check it out – it’s for those who aren’t lucky enough to hate what they do (Caught my attention – I fall into that category). I love not going to a steady nine to five stressful job. Yes the money was nice but money isn’t everything in life. Of course I didn’t have time to read the entire blog just perused the site. How cool…. to be written up in the NY Times and on be the Today show.

I had dash off to Adorama and then up to Jene’s to set up for a photoshoot that I booked with a very personable male model , born in France and now resides in NYC & Miami.

If you check out my website, you will see why I like what I do…

_MG_1379 copy

At first, I thought he was too high fashion for me and beyond what I could pay. He liked my portfolio and later admitted that he really likes working with artists.

It was a pleasure shooting him and I enjoyed talking while we worked. I was nervous at first, since he worked with Avedon and Bruce Weber as well as other professional and creative artists, worrying that I wouldn’t get anything worthy of my or his expectations. I did, I am as good as I sometimes think I am 😉 (Damn those ghosts from my past that surface to rattle me. But the more experience I have, the easier it becomes to quiet the voices and stop them in their tracks).

It was the first time handling lights myself. Jene set up a single light for me to work with and turned on the overhead softbox leaving me on my own to play with the lighting as I saw fit. There was a second light I could have used but I liked how the shadows washed over his body.

Jene hopes to work with Emmanuel and a female model he knows on a future project. One he has been working on in the creative recesses of his mind. Soon to see the light of day.

La vita bella,



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