Keeping on track

Sometimes it is so difficult for me to stay focused.  My granddaughter has a touch of ADHD and I am now coming to the conclusion that the fidgety kid I was called would today be deemed ADD at the very least.  Being a gemini doesn’t help matters, nor did holding a job where multi-tasking was a pre-requisite.  Jene calls it monkey mind – jumping from one thought to another.  I think we all to that to a degree but there are many degrees to this problem.  I joke that I get distracted by shiny objects, losing site on my way to doing something…  So if anyone knows of a holistic treatment, let me know.  I’d check on the www myself but I’m sure I’d get caught up in something else along the way.

Tasks on this week’s to-do list are slowly getting checked off,  but more are being added.  Saturday morning Jene emailed me info on my new flash unit.  I tried reading it but it was greek to me and I wasted nearly 2 hours, trying to learn by reading instructions (comprehension is NOT a strong point of mine) so basically I understood nothing and wasted time, while frustrating myself to near tears and falling behind on my tasks.

I am guilty of the same thing,  blogging instead of submitting images to a few more juried competitions trying to EMERGE as a fine art photographer.   I did accomplish 2 things today and my head is spinning. So I am taking a break…  I also managed to  print an image to exhibit at RiverMill Gallery in Westfield, NJ and I will drop it off tomorrow.  And I made a print to give the beautiful young model, Ciara.

Wise beyond her years

Focus on the task at hand….  to be continued.



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