Getting way-laid by “stuff”…labor of love pix website

does have it’s upside too – the unpredictable can add new experiences that were not planned for and that can be interesting. And as much of a planner that I am, I yearn to be implusive. Maybe it’s that I want to follow my heart and dreams and see where they take me. So far I have very few regrets and nothing that I would deem major.

In the middle of submitting images to juried competitions yesterday, I researched domain names on MadDog Domain and Cattle Company and came up with as well as several others. (There’s that jumping from one thing to another again) My first choices had been snatched up by others and before giving up I added the word pix. Viola! Jene liked it and although he gently reminded me of my next major project – the BOOK. I whipped up a fast draft of a website. As soon as I get the go ahead from Jene I will move forward and will let you know when the site is LIVE.

Our wedding photography is a collaborative effort and one that we are looking forward to cultivating. It really is an honor to be a part of a couple’s special day and to offer some cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Being fine art photographers, we look to document the day’s events with a certain flair and feel – the essence of the moments, the emotions, the joy and the fun.

Getting back to the point – although we have shot 2 weddings prior to the upcoming one in Sept, we hadn’t given much thought to banning together on this new venture. But Jene really is a wonderful photographer and we work pretty well together so we are taking our personal partnership to a new level – a labor of love.




k&j alter_1337

put on rig_1353


We hope to photograph pregnancy and newborns as the next step, both together and separately building our portfolios and client base. It’s nice in a way because we do have different styles and sensibilities as artists. And being able to shoot both in Manhattan and in Fair Lawn studios give us even more capabilities of meeting potential clients and their personal needs.

I got to shoot Joelene & Kevin’s baby when Bella was 3 months old and again at 1 year with Joelene’s 9 year old Ciara






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