too many fires burning at once….

I know I was trying my best to keep focused and that the next project was the Cambodian book. It’s not on the back burner or anything like that because it is a TOP priority… BUT we are also trying to drum up business in our other arenas – Jene & I are going forward with   So I secured the domain name and started building the website. Think I linked it properly and it should be live within 24 hours.

But I also had submissions to juried photography competitions whose deadlines were knocking on my door. All set for RabbitsHole Gallery in DUMBO, PDN’s and the Center for Fine Art Photography. With a little breathing room have 2 more that I am very interested in.

Plus, I am going to exhibit 2 or 3 prints in Sept in  – CCCP Gallery – a Brooklyn Gallery so I’ve got to get moving on that…

I put together a sub-series of my body of work Inner Sanctum, titled Cause and Effect.  I feel the images stand on their own but chained together tell a powerful story.  I’ve grouped 10 images together on my website to get fellow international photographers’ valued opinions.  I would like to thank Emmanuel Fremin, Shawna Lenell Bermender and the children who helped put my vision on paper.  As the saying goes…  a picture is worth a thousand words.

So many moving forward on more than one front isn’t a bad thing.  It just takes a little longer when you change directions.  Oh well… guess that’s part of my personality.


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