iWeb support (lack of human presence)

Is it just me… I think I must miss speaking to people in India… whenever I have an issue with my iWeb/Mobile Me web hosting account, I have to

1) either read through what I think are similar issues…. pages upon pages of threads that go nowhere, (for some reason since I am no longer a one to one member – I had a”read only”access)

2) post a query hoping someone in cyberspace will respond or

3) go online and make an appt with someone at an Apple Store genius bar (how utterly convenient – note the sarcasm).
Friday, I tired to get a Saturday appt but the earliest was Monday @ 3:00 – not at the closest store to me but hey, it will be a nice ride I’m sure and it is a lovely day for a ride.

The problem is I tried to change my 1Web – mobileMe website link to a custom domain name so that when people search for http://www.laboroflovepix.com the URL does not come up with the full name: http://www.laboroflovepix.com/labor_of_love_pix/Welcome.html

My domain name is through maddog domain and cattle company & I was able to talk to someone (24/7 somewhere in the US even) to see if I did anything wrong – they thought not, everything on their end is set. So for 3-1/2 days I’ve not been able to hit my own site.

My issue could be resolved with a quick phone call but that’s not how they work at Apple. So I am at a loss for 3 days and have to drive to a store and waste an hour more. If time is money, I wasted a lot of it.


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One response to “iWeb support (lack of human presence)

  1. tis a shame on the lack of communication we have in this information age.

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