Not all geniuses are created equally…

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I screwed up my website when I was trying to forward my domain name to my iWeb site… long story short. Last Thursday I made an appt with an Apple Genius at the Tice’s mall in NJ. My 1st choice at the Garden State Plaza Mall was booked. I was told by that genius that the issue was I can only have 1 website and that although they are called sites, they are nothing more than pages within my one site. Humph, very strange I could swear I was told that I could host more than 1 site when I purchased the iLife software. Basically he was unable to help me… I explained that both were up and running before I tried to contact with custom domain names. I left frustrated, thinking that I needed to buy into another web hosting plan. But before doing that, decided to try the guys at GSP Apple store. I had to wait a full week for an appt with a genius for 8am today. James listened to my tale of woe and couldn’t figure it out what I did… BUT he persevered. We contacted MadDog Domains to make sure everything on that end was done correctly. James got the site up and running but for some reason my was still not coming up. My alloted hour was up but James clicked here and there, trying everything he could think of. I told him I was going to rebuild the site if all else failed. Pretty much that’s what James did by copying and pasting to a new site and viola! It was back….  So I went home thinking all was well…. %$^#@%$@  It’s not, my is not coming up.  Frustrated beyond belief…  I thought the problem was fixed.  Maybe James was only finding my website on MY own computer but I thought he google searched it… maybe not – he’s fast and maybe it was just a slight of hand.

But for now onto more pressing matters of my photography…. editing images from

Natasa Trifan’s dance company. Natasa was having a 5 minute segment of her program videotaped and asked photographer Jene Youtt if he would come shoot promo stills for her. I assisted him. I got a number of images that I really like (hope Natasa does too).








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