Soho Photo Gallery artist reception 9/1/09

Jene & I arrived promptly at 6 in order to get parking on the street. The place was already buzzing.  Jene popped into the office to chat with the other members before meandering through the maze of people. Gary Auerbach’s work with Native American’s is lovely and he uses a few unusual printing techniques for such limited prints. Rotogravure print on copper plates and tissue paper. Really different, the tissue gives it an almost translucent feel to the print adding such a quality of fragility to the subject matter. Something that we should behold and treasure is what I took away from it. People were buying his beautiful bound limited edition sign books of his series “We Walk in Beauty”. We both chatted with Gary for a while and then let him attend to other art lovers.

The large colorful flowers of photographer Raphael Senzamici caught my eye next. I liked the close up and the collage effect of his prints. The images remind me of my “A Closer Look – Nature’s Beauty” body of work although some of my images are more painterly in effect.

I was captivated by Inverse Landscape  images of Rome. Very airy with all the white space. I talked to Hugues Roussel, a Frenchman who now resides in Rome, about his process.  He shoots film and double exposes his images waiting until its developed to see the results.  His accent was charming – his english near perfect.   Hugues is in NY for a month and I invited him to the event that Emmanuel Fremin is hosting next week for Aneta Bartos.

Going to gallery openings, getting the chance to meet other artists and to hear what they have to say about their work is inspirational. Creating art can be a very singular experience and so it is exhilarating to receive validation of your work and your very existence.

Soho Photo was crowded and although the night was cool, the gallery was not so we left after 7:15 to get a bite to eat at South’s Bar & Restaurant A good start to the art season… gallery filled with people; parting with money for signed photography books and maybe investing in art.  Surrounding oneself with beauty is always uplifting as well as being less risky then investing with the Bernie Madoff’s of the world.



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2 responses to “Soho Photo Gallery artist reception 9/1/09

  1. interestung article. I run a canvas prints business in the uk.

    • Michael,

      It seems canvas prints are also very popular on this side of the pond also. The closet I’ve come to using canvas is printing on canvas art paper. For my images, Hahnemuhle Baryta is one of my favorites.


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