website locator issue

Wish I knew what I was doing before I dive in headfirst. But it seems to be how I learn… I either swim or go SPLAT… I remember my parents always saying you have to look before you leap but I was already in mid-flight and couldn’t hear them over the din of rushing air or my own screams. I built a lovely website for my joint business endeavor with my love, photographer, Jene Youtt. We are doing weddings, bump, birth and beyond portraits. I researched the domain name Labor of Love so that is now ours. I opened an email account under that name also and think that I forwarded the domain name to my iWeb/MobileMe website… BUT somehow I still can do a google search and find me. If I type in the URL, the site doesn’t come up. If I type http://laboroflovepix (without the .com) again nothing. BUT if i type it seems to find my site and the URL changes to without the www My question is what did I do that links it when there is no www. How can I fix it.

It is very possible that google spiders can’t find me yet because I just switched the site back to mobileMe and iWeb from my Photoshelter site because I didn’t like the free Photoshelter layout. Photoshelter may become my fine art website in the future because of the assistance they offer in the arena of SEOs. And when I have time I will probably upload and design a site there and drop my musecube site for art.

Of course this is all because I really don’t know how to build a website of my own so I do the next best thing – fumble around trying to get site templets to my liking. See how much time Mary can waste on one task…


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