Art Openings – CCCP artist reception – labor day – Friday

As expected, the CCCP gallery opening on one of the biggest get out of town weekends, did not have a huge turnout but the people were interesting and engaged easily in conversation about art, the economy and where they saw it heading…. I met a couple of really nice artists. Christina Wickstein (who exhibited) , Gilbert Giles (plans to exhibit in the future) as well as other artists who’s card I can’t seem to find… (sorry – it’s somewhere – hopefully not in the wash with my jeans). Part of the fun is meeting other artists. So many different outlooks on life , you can’t help but learn something along the way.

The curator John Holt is so laid back it is refreshing. Not in it for the money – whoa! He just loves what he does and if he can sell someone’s work along the way – all the better. Obviously, he has a dayjob and Jene Youtt knows him from being a stagehand. SMALL World.

There are so many gallery openings this Thursday and it’s Fashion’s First Night…  Jene & I will be out and about at the B&W GalleryEFG Art – Emmanuel Fremin is hosting an event for Aneta Bartos, and  Daniel Cooney’s Gallery .   Maybe I shouldn’t wear my high heeled pumps with all the running around town we will be doing.

Christina Wickstein is expected to be at Daniel Cooney’s on Thursday and I’d like to spend a few moments chattting with her again.

So if you want to be a real New Yorker – get out there and support the arts – at the very least in the form of appreciation and support.   I don’t know of any artist who doesn’t like to meet new and interesting people.   If you want to check out my latest work... please feel free to linger.


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