NYC galleries open season… name dropping

The art world – alive and was buzzing Thursday evening (9/10/09)  in NYC’s Chelsea. Chelsea’s galleries were elbow to elbow with throngs of art lovers swarming the galleries and overflowing onto the streets of the area. Photographers Jene Youtt, Hugues Roussel and Mary Durante Wehrhahn joined the crowds going from opening to opening. We met Hugues at his Soho Photo Gallery opening on Sept. 1st and we invited him to join us on what was one of the biggest nights out in the art world. He met us at B&W Gallery to start the evening at 6:00 to view danish artist Jonas Pihl’s 3 D wall sclupture installation. The molded plastics were the focal points but the walls were airbrushed in a fluidity that ebbed and flowed through the gallery. Very organic in feel and we discussed his dreamworld joking that this all comes to him without the benefit of hallucinogens. It was a pleasure meeting him.

Next stop was the Daniel Cooney Gallery where we met Tim Roda, his lovely wife and 4 month old son Tray. He and his son Ethan will be back on Oct. 17th to give a talk about his art and visions. Can’t wait to go back. I was hoping to bump into Christine Wickstein who initially invite us to this opening.

Hugues got an message from a friend who was going to be at the Matthew Marks Gallery just around the corner, so we added that gallery to the to do list. I mentioned the Bruce Silverstein Gallery and we headed there next. I chatted with Rosalind Solomon, kiss, kiss hello to Larry Silverstein and then discussed Todd Hido’s landscapes with him before discovering that Hugues ran into his Italian friends there.

The Italians (Hugues lives in Rome) including Hugues friend, Maria Antonietta Mameli, who has exhibited her work at Silverstein’s,went to over to Matthew Marks where we joined them moments later. Jene, Hugues and I went to the event that Emmanuel Fremin Gallery was hosting event for photographer AnetaBartos. Emmanuel greeted us at the door and Hugues & Emmanuel exchanged French salutations. We mingled and chatted with Emmanuel’s very lovely and charming Mary Nguyen and I was pleased to hear that she recognized my name as the photographer who took the beautiful images of Emmanuel. If she in not a model, she should be and as a couple they give Angelina and Brad a run for their money. All the talk about the food and coffee in Italy made us hungry. Jene & I left 1/4 pass when the event should have ended and the crowd was thinning out. We wished Aneta success and will friend her on facebook.


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