Photography swap – Hey, Hot Shot!

Last night Jene Youtt & I (Mary Durante Wehrhahn) participated in Hey, Hot Shot’s photo swap – I believe the brainchild of Jen Bekman. You were asked to register and bring an 8 x 10″ image to trade for another emerging photographers work. We thought why not! and made our way back into the city and down to White Rabbit (145 E. Houston St). We got there @ 7ish and the place was packed with mostly young emerging artists but I spied a few 30+ artists. Jene saw a follow Soho Photo Gallery member, Fran (I will also get his weblink from Jene)

It was a tad unorganized but the premise was that you registered your print, you got a ticket and the print was numbered accordingly. Then a shelf full of prints were previewed by the patrons and you when given the signal could take you pick. Show the staff your ticket and move on. As prints were selected, more would be put on the shelf to take their place. I saw a wonderful graphic image in coppery rust tones and wanted it right away. The photographer, Christine Finkelson, has a terrific website and some really great bodies of work. I felt compelled to email Christine to let her know how much I like her work. I also like the one Jene chose by a female artist. It was of the NY skyline from Williamburg. I’ll get her name and site from Jene if he doesn’t blog about it himself.   See Jene’s blog.  Fuzzzypictures

I submitted a B&W nude dancer titled “Saltation” (saltation (as in “leap”) n. : a light springing movement upwards or forwards ) Jene had seen the man who chose it, earlier we noticed him showing his portfolio to another guy.


and Jene submitted “Blue Lady” , one of my all time favorites of his.


It was an interesting concept and gets us out of the house, meeting new people and seeing what could be trends in art or just some things we don’t quite grasp.



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