Fred Stein exhibit worth the trip to Soho Photo

Fred Stein is noted for his famous photograph of Einstein as well as other celebrity portraits which were on hand at Soho Photo Gallery – 15 White Street, NYC. Jene and I ventured down there for the opening last night. His portraits are one thing but his street scenes portray such an intimacy. The subject, composition and the lighting, draw your eye in and then have you search the shadows for more detail. Whenever I see images of night scenes, I remember how much I enjoyed walking around Paris and Tokyo with Jene at night with cameras/tripods in hand in hand. The quiet stillness, makes you feel like you are alone and there is inkling of romance because of the one-ness that you feel. I need to get out more…


_MG_0437 (1)

Sorry for any confusion, the photos above are mine and not Fred Stein’s.

I say that but it seems I let life get in my way… I really need to get a good small camera like my old Rollei but digital. What am I waiting for? To be able to afford one! Maybe I can’t afford NOT to get one.

I really need to live, laugh, love and breathe photography. To become one with my lens.


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