PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo

Day 1 – exhausted beyond belief, walked the aisles, stood watching one too many post-editing presentations that turned the worst photo into a masterpiece. All you need is this program and viola! – the sky is blue, the clouds are contrasty and puffy, the greens are vibrant, all that and no noise!

Years ago this type of magic used to be in the hands of the “photo-retouchers” – skilled artists who would work wonders with your “so-so” photography. Now you can do it yourself.

As a single entity photographer without assistants and techno-staff to do this for me, I find that this kind of creativity takes time away from my creative photography. I spend more time on the computer then I do shooting. I have LightRoom and Aperture, Noise Ninja (that I still have not learned how to use), genuine fractals, CS4 and a host of other things that live on my hardrives.

I’m not very skilled in photoshop, oh I can clean up spots and I’ve even created tips of fingers / toes that didn’t make it in the frame. But I’d rather remember to pay attention when looking through my lens before I click the shutter then to spend time afterward, trying to make it the image I wanted to get. I can make minor overall adjustments in exposure and add some fill light but that’s about it.

I guess my problem is – I don’t have “people” nor do I have the money for all the latest bells and whistles. I’m just a fine art photographer with a simple camera, 3 hot lights and now a flash unit. No soft boxes or umbrellas, and I manage to create some really great images; they pretty much come straight out of the camera and onto paper.

Pushing out

Pushing out

Some day, I may learn how to use half of what is loaded onto my computer, but for now, I am happy just shooting and creating my personal projects and hopefully gain some fame and fortune along the way. Until then I will see what everyone else is spending their hard earned money on and will be back at PDN’s PhotoPlus for day 2.


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