PDN PhotoPlus Expo – widdling down to nothing?

One of the things I found since I started going to PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo is that each year, there are less vendors and very little free givaways other then their advertising POP sales packets. Very few paper companies are giving out samples. Which was a good way for a photographer to test one brand’s matte against another. Of course you can buy sample packets which include papers I would probably not use (like gloss or pearl). The vendors (Museo) who did have samples on Thursday were out towards the end of Friday. Traditionally Thursday and Friday’s are days that the professional photographers etc go. Saturday is field trip day for some local schools and they get to be razzled, dazzled by all the new & improved that’s out there. These are the kids that read up on what’s coming and understand all the workings of the programs before they hit the stores. Jene also can be counted among this knowledgable group but was still caught off guard when his Canon Mark II, 5 D video capacity was so quickly outmoded when the 7D came out. Jene did speak to a Canon rep because he heard rumbles that they were updating the in-camera software so that the video would be on par with the new 7D (which cost about $1000 less than the 5D) I’m sure Jene will blog about that http://fuzzypictures.wordpress.com/ in the next few days. It is amazing how quickly your equipment or programs become obsolete. I don’t run with the crowd of beta-testers nor does Canon ever give me a camera to test and report on. But I’m not a fashion photographer and my work is not splashed all over magazines so how would they ever know I exist.


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