Emmanuel Fremin Gallery showcases Thomas Barbey

Mark your calendars for next week’s NY events.  Friday Nov 6th, is the opening reception at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery‘s new Soho location. 546 Broadway PH 5B.   I am probably just as excited for Emmanuel as he is.  Thomas Barbey’s ” Unleashed” is an amazing collection of photography and vivid surrealism draws the viewer into his imaginary world.

Jene and I will be there even though he is preparing for the Artist in the Kitchen Open Studio Tour that runs the weekend – Saturday & Sunday throughout Hell’s Kitchen.  It should be interesting and I think I want to peruse the area.  Not just the galleries but the heart of the matter… the studios where the creative minds are sparked and the juices start to flow.  I think this is the first studio tour and Jene is a tad skeptical about the turn out because nothing has been posted in the neighborhood  yet and i know that he has had conversations with the organizer.  I’m sure it is not an easy task and takes a lot of organizing.  So click on the link above starting Nov 4th for a map of the artist’s locations who are participating in this event.

Saturday night I want to head back across the river to listen to a friend Maggie Magro belt out a few tunes at Hasbrouk Ht’s Crow’s Nest.  Maggie sings with Timeline and I am looking forward to hearing them.  It’s an 80’s rock group.  I’m hoping to shoot some promo shots for them along with Jene, if he can make it.

In the meantime,  Happy Halloween.


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