Emmanuel Fremin Gallery – Thomas Barbey opening

If you missed this opening, you missed being in the midst of all the buzz. Jene & I arrived late but  Emmanuel’s new space was still packed.  Greeted warmly by the lovely Mary Nguyen we worked our way over to Emmanuel who pointed out the featured artist.  Thomas Barbey was entwined in people and conversation so we milled about looking at his photography prints up close.  Flawless work which I hadn’t realized was photo-composed and not digitally manipulated… (A technique used extensively in advertising before computers,  a sub- industry for photographers and retouchers).  His large prints filled the gallery.  Jene noticed  that his prints were on the same metallic paper that we both experimented with after we were introduced to it at last year’s PDN’ PhotoPlus Expo.  (Kodak’s Metallic Endura) You can’t beat the richness of the blacks.  Most colors pop and are so vivid but there are some hues that seem to get muddy so adjustments need to be made.   The paper does not work on inkjet printers so we have Adorama Labs print for us.

Emmanuel introduced Jene & I to Thomas stating that we were the ones who had blogged about the upcoming event.  Thomas was very gracious and we spent time talking shop and how lucky he feels to be an artist whose work seems to sell.  While being recognized is the luck part, talent plays a major role also.  His work is surrealistic and truly done well.  He is humbled by his own success and understands how difficult it is as an artist to emerge.

The exhibit runs thru November 26th so if you missed the opening, you can still peruse Barbey’s “Unleased” series at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery.



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3 responses to “Emmanuel Fremin Gallery – Thomas Barbey opening

  1. Great blog – wish I’d been there.

    Delighted to read that you are pleased with the results you get from AdoramaPix – but if you ever have any queries or questions regarding AdoramaPix – or Adorama – you are very welcome to contact me directly.

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador


    • Glad to see you search out blogs of interest.
      I have a question, last year and this year at PDNs PhotoPlus Expo we spoke to PTS rep Jack Cutler about the Fuji Frontier re-fitted printers for Silver prints. He told us that Adorama has the printer and that some of my B&W’s would look wonderful using that process. I haven’t seen that process listed on your site. Is it True B&W matt?
      Please let me know as I am eager to test on it.

  2. Marywehrhahn

    Yes all info is correct – the B&W are tru Black and white matte

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