timeline at the Crow’s Nest

Since reconnecting with Maggie Magro – lead female vocal for the band <timeline>, I was hoping to hear the group and photograph them. This was spurred on by some really great performance images of flamengo dancers at N-33 in NYC that Jene captured a while ago.

But as life happens it took the second booking at the Crow’s Nest in Hasbrouk Hts, NJ for us to get our chance to hear Maggie belt out some Blondie favorites. (Hopefully some readers are old enough to remember Deborah Harry). Maggie and the guys sounded great, harmonizing to a number of 80’s tunes. I wanted to shoot some promo shots for them that showed the energy that they exude. The dance floor was packed with a mix of ages but good music bridges the generation gap and everyone was up and gyrating to the beat.

_MG_0004 copy _MG_0008 copy _MG_0016 copy _MG_0023 copy _MG_5995 copy _MG_6021 copy _MG_6033 copy _MG_6058 copy _MG_6115 copy _MG_6055 copy _MG_6195 copy

The lights on the band were turned down and 4 rotating color spots flashed across the dance floor, which really made capturing them a challenge… Our Canon 50mm lenses are pretty fast – 1.8 so that’s was the lens of choice for both Jene & me. The stage area was so dim that the automatic focus was all but useless at times. Colored lights sped across the floor flooding the stage for a nano second before going dark again. At venues like the Crow’s Nest, people don’t go to see the band, they go to listen to the music and dance the night away.

Band members: Anthony Paduano (bass / keyboard), John Hanlon (guitar), Johnny Valenti (percussion), Phil Mazzola (guitar), Maggie Magro (vocal). So join as a facebook fan of the band and if you get a chance to see them, you won’t be disappointed.



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2 responses to “timeline at the Crow’s Nest

  1. Chris

    They are a great band with a lot of energy. I enjoy their music and they happen to be great, warm people who embrace their fans….. of course when they play Jorney….. BTW, great shots of them

    • Thanks Chris glad you liked the shots. There were a couple more that I really loved but wanted to put up 1 of each member. I’ll be sending Maggie a CD of the others sometime next week.
      The band ROCKS!

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