weekend in new york city –

Looking for something to do beside shopping and bar hopping… The New Museum

235 Bowery St, NYC

Friday at 4 – A conversation with Neuroscience and Art in conjunction with REPLICA (performance at 7pm)

Saturday at 3 – Skowhegan TALKS: Fred Tomaselli and John O’Conner

Sunday at 3 iCl presents the Curator’s Perspective at the New Museum: Ana Paula Cohen

Jene and I will be attending the conversation and performance of Friday and I’m sure one of us will blog about it – either on this site or on Jene’s blog FuzzyPictures

I’m not sure what to expect but Jene thought it would be interesting and he usually is right.

Then over the river and through Route 4 to my house we go…. time to start baking my famous italian knot cookies this weekend. Jene was one of the best helpers last year – he didn’t complain at all. Everyone loves them, no one wants to make them because they are time consuming and tedious tying those little knots.


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