Robert Wilson’s stained glass sold

Jeweled - Robert Wilson

… just days after Barking Lizards Gallery Shop officially opened to the public. The elongated piece will be a present for a very deserving husband. Robert and Richard (of Barking Lizards) will hang the art in it’s new home this week.

It was great to spend the day as people discovered this Williamsburg treasure of a gallery shop. Chatting with people interested in art and objects s d’art has always been a pleasant pastime for me so I readily engaged in conversations with neighborhood people as well as customers from afar.

There are 2 wood sculptures by local artist Raphael Jose (Gus) Guzman, who’s paintings I also wished I could afford. Maybe when my photography really starts to sell. Yes, 5 of my images are at Barking Lizards and are priced right.

So many wonderful one of a kind pieces of fine jewelry as well as some unique funky pieces that are sure to please everyone’s taste and to fit everyone’s budgets.

So if you haven’t gotten over to 231 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn yet, there’ s still time to shop for the holidays. New pieces arrive nearly daily so come back often.


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