Span the Hudson – Art openings this weekend

One of our favorite NY kind of things to do is to attend art gallery openings. Jene & I met Emmanuel Fremin this past summer. Emmanuel modeled for me at Jene’s studio and we connected. As fine art photographers, not only is it great to see what is out there, but it’s also a pleasure to meet other photographers and artists. Only during an opening reception do you get a chance to speak to the artists about their work and creative insights.

The last opening at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery was for Thomas Barbey’s “Unleashed” exhibit. Wonderful photo compositions that were not mastered digitally. Thomas was charming and very modest about his success, telling us that he is so lucky to have found a niche in the art market.

This exhibit is a group showing of 10 contemporary artists that Emmanuel has brought together for “Blinding”: Michel Giliberti, Drew Tal, Kilu, Simone Monney, PHL, Francoise Ben Arous, Jean Noel L’harmeroult, Francois Nanjo Shunsuke, Thomas Barbey and Alex Romanov.

I’m looking forward to meeting Drew Tal, whose work I find astounding. PHL, Alex Romanov, Francoise Ben Arous, Kilu will also be at the opening. Knowing the discerning taste of Emmanuel, I’m sure to be intrigued at the very least with all the works.

Emmanuel emailed me a few of the works to put on my blog and I chose only these 4 because I want you to come see the rest for yourselves at the gallery. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Francoise Ben Arous

Simone Monney

Drew Tal

So if you are in Soho after work on Friday night, stop by and whet your appetite. What a great way to start your dinner conversation later in the evening. “I just bought this amazing piece of art for the living room and got to meet with the artist at this fabulous gallery, just around the corner”.

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

(PH 5B)

546 Broadway (btw Spring and Prince Streets)


And on Sunday, as Bruce Springsteen would sing – Across the river to the Jersey side – head over to the George Segal Gallery – at Montclair State University where there is an afternoon artist opening. Yes, one of my images

Mary Durante Wehrhahn

Students in Serenity will be part of a large group exhibit and sale…

click here to link to my site

George Segal Gallery from 2 – 5:00pm

Montclair State University

One Normal Street

Montclair, NJ

Meet some of the rising artists of the area.

Hope to see you on both sides of the river


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