Emmanuel Fremin Gallery – opening 1/15 “Blinding”

Last Friday night, Jene & I were elbow to elbow with art lovers and a few artists at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in Soho. Drew Tal had 3 major pieces in the show and I loved his vibrant metallic print “Within” , which we found out was mounted on aluminum. Jene, Drew and I talked about the benefits of moving from film to digital photography. We discussed Kodak Endura metallic paper and told Drew that we especially like it for our B&W’s but that some colors just look muddy. Drew suggested we try “flex” paper from Fuji Duggal in NY prints and mounts his work for exhibition and I like the contemporary look of the frameless mounting. He prints his images on both “flex” and the Endura Metallic to see which he likes better for the particular image.

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery artist reception "Blinding"

I met another artist, French abstract painter PHL Phillipe and his charming wife Kheira Leroy. They moved from France to Tenerife, Spain (Canary Islands). Kheira and I hit it off finding out how similar we were. They flew in for the opening and were staying for a week.

Maybe our paths will cross again. I will keep in touch through emails and facebook.

The exhibit will be at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery for 6 weeks. so stop by

546 Broadway (btw Prince & Spring)

PH – 5B


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