Thursday night at Midoma with the artists

Jene had a solo exhibit at Midoma April of 2008, where my wearable art jewelry was also on display and sold.  We try to get to as many exhibits at Midoma’s as possible, meeting interesting artists.  Michael and Marianna believe in the arts and offer an alternative space for emerging artists to exhibit.  The brick walls are the perfect backdrop for the works they display and sell.

Last night was a retrospect of a number of artists who exhibited in the past.  A talented young painter Steve Cogal showed prior to Jene’s exhibit.  Emails flew back and forth and we tried to hook up with Steve in Tokyo where he was exhibiting the same time Jene had a solo exhibit at Issis Gallery in Kyoto.

We previously met Lewis Folden who spends his idle time in the painting when he is not designing sets,  as well as Stella Lillig a comtemporary painter.

By the time we arrived, the place was buzzing with artists and art lovers.  Marianna greeted us breaking away from a group of people.  We got to meet some of the artists of works we saw on Midoma’s site.  Jene chatted with Michael Lindwasser whose photo “Kyoto Greens” brought about conversation of his travels and shooting the Dalai Lama, meeting famed photographer Steven McCurry Steve McCurry donates a number of his collections to Friends Without A Border fundraisers year after year.

While Jene was engaged in a deep discussion, I lingered by his prints and wound up answering an inquiry whether Jene’s blue dancer was gold-leafed – no – it’s printed on Kodak  Metallic Endura* paper.  I hope to meet Stephanie again (a friend of Steve Cogal’s and a painter herself) because I really enjoyed our getting to know a little about her.  The metallic print intriqued a number of viewers and was a tropic of introduction to his works.

Tom Matt’s 2 works (pastels on newsprint) of NY architecture were interspersed with Jene’s 3 prints.

Jene is in his element among the  artists, he beams about his work.  One would think there would be a competitive element among artists but I find them to be open and friendly and want to hear about your work as well.  There’s so much to inspire.  Me, I like to hear about how the artist is motivated and what influenced them.  We were all inspired and influenced by some master or mentor and it does show in our work.

While Jene chatted with yet another friend of Cogal’s, a poet; I recognized Catherine who came to  my first NY exhibit at Ward-Nasse last December.  We were discussing the acrylic paintings that I was sitted beneath, when the artist Kristen Haskell joined us in conversation.  The pre-splatter Jackson Pollack influenced her when she was in college.

Like all good things, the night had to end.  We wove our way through the crowd biding farewell.  Knowing that with facebook it’s a lot easier to keep in touch.

The exhibit runs through Feb. 13th and spans their 10 years of 60 art shows.  Artists:

Steve Riley, Carla Reyes, Lewis Folden, Michael Lindwasser, Kristen Haskell, Ashley Scribner, Steve Cogal, Stella Lillig, Jene Youtt, Tom Matt, David Platt, Randall Barquero
Great Show! Wonderful Artists

Midoma is located at 439 East 75th St.  Btw York and 1st Avenues.

* Adorama Photo lab prints our images when we use the Kodak Metallic Endura Paper.


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