Passion, Art & Inspirations – working together

The love of my life, Jene Youtt, is a NY based formidable international award winning photographer and 2 time Emmy recipient for Lighting Design. We decided to work together on portrait photography. Labor Of Love Pix, fine art portraits – wedding – bump – birth and beyond photography. The competitive edge is pushed on both ends. I have learned a lot from Jene and I think he has learned a few things from me too.

lighting design - Jene Youtt

lighting design - Jene Youtt

I have a great eye for composition that differs from his so even when we are shooting the same subjects, the images can be dramatically different. Because we started as painters, that artistry is carried over in our photography and the influences of Impressionism is evident – especially in Jene’s “movement” body of works. My love of Georgia O’Keefe is seen in my “A Closer Look – Nature’s Beauty. We have some favorite photographers in common but we sometimes have different reasons for being enamored by their works. Different strokes thing happening here.

We share a passion on and off the set. Love going to gallery exhibits and museums following the works of some of our favorite photographers and artists – past and present. Works presented by some amazing photographers is something that we do together. Photographer, Jack Resnicki – NYC Photo Salon along with others put a magnificent program together the 3rd Wednesday every month at Soho Photo Gallery (15 White Street, NYC). It is inspiring to see the works of others and an opportunity to ask questions and chat with them afterward. The last presentation had some phenomenal photographers including the works by Howard Schatz His awe inspiring maternity portraits blew us away, leaving us with many unanswered questions – how does he do that? Jene emailed him afterward and is hoping to meet for coffee and chat some more. Artists willing to share, knowing full well that each artist can learn from one another while they retain their individual style of shooting.

So although, my images may resemble Jene’s stemming from the fact that we are shooting under the same conditions, there is still the “something about mary” quality to them. The major benefactor of our “joined forces” is our clients, they truly get the best of both worlds when they choose Labor Of Love Pix for the special moments in their lives.

lighting design - Jene Youtt

lighting design - Jene Youtt


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