Putting yourself first

Nothing like being under the wire…  I put off submitted my work for over a month because of this or that which seemed to always jump to the top of my to-do list.  I’m not the only woman out there to put everything else in front of herself when it comes to managing priorities but I really hate when I do that.

So I halted my color balancing act with the blotchy 9 day old because the more I fussed the worse the image looked.  It was time to step away from the computer before my laptop became airborn.

The deadline for submitting to the A.I.R. gallery for the Current series “At Her Age” was the next day,  so yes,  I did have time to spare.  I preach to my daughter to put her needs first – to take care of herself because no one else will (well that’s not exactly true – I certainly would be at her side in a flash – and have, as is her husband).  So is this a woman’s nature -were we brainwashed when we thought we were being nurtured.  Is it our lot in life.  I look around at the women I know…  my friends that are my age,  seems like we all carry that ‘last on the list’ gene.   While a lot of the under 30 women are totally lacking that trait.  I am not criticising either generational trait, merely stating my observations.  The women I know who have put themselves before others have been more successful in their careers or in following their dreams and I’m guessing they are just as happy with their lives as I am.  We are at different phases in our lives and the only downside is that being an emerging artist at my age sometimes seems like too much work but then again – what isn’t   —  and who wouldn’t want to work at what one loves and holds dear.  That includes relationships.  It take loves, respect and devotion to keep a realtionship strong, happy and yes even interesting and I think after all these years, I’ve finally gotten a handle on that.


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