This weekend – celebrate spring with music and art…and food

Tomorrow night, Jene & I are meeting up with a friend to celebrate her birthday.  An evening of song from Valerie June at NY’s Terra Blues.

It should be a fun filled night as I believe a dozen or  so of Davine’s friends are also joining her/us.  Davine is a wonderful spiritual woman whom I met 2 years ago at a NY Insight meditation workshop weekend.  I was drawn to her open smile and open heart.  We share so much in common and yet come from totally different worlds…  It doesn’t matter but it is refreshing to know that after all these years we both felt there was room for each other is our already frantic complicated lives.   A new friendship was born…

After the 1st set, Jene and I will head over to Emmanuel Fremin Gallery for the opening of “The Green Project” featuring works of emerging artists Kamol Akhunov and Kiera Stuart.   This is sure to be a crowd pleaser – art and food-wise.  We will be sampling some tastey tid-bits from Saigoniste,  a new enterprise for Mary Nguyen and her life-long friend.


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