Romance is savored and revered at 60 sunshine...

My love brought me a dozen roses for my birthday with 1 sunflower because I am his sunshine or so he says.  A handmade card came with it and Jene took me out for mexican food because the last time I wanted mexican, mother nature decided to raise the creek and God wasn’t willing…  A bouquet of lavendar was waiting in the car to help soften my saddness.  I had learned that while I was preparing to celebrate my 60th year of life, another mother (former co-worker) was getting ready to bury her son, who had just turned 21.

Celebrate life everyday, the thought kept reverberating through my head.  It’s something I try to keep in the forefront of my mind on a daily basis.  Life has no guarantees and doesn’t come with instructions – live and learn and enjoy.

So I put my woes away and remembrered to count all my blessings including the chance of love and romance after the bloom has faded from the rose, I can still be someone’s sunshine.  How nice to be thought of in that way.  It makes me smile.

So I was turning the big 6-0, amazing my younger sister that I was so open and willing to state my age as if it was a badge of courage.  It’s more a rejoicing – look at all I have to show for my years of walking this earth.  I have long-term friends and some new ones too, I have 2 beautiful granddaughters that my daughter and son-in-law blessed me with, I have my health (relatively good and painfree), I have traveled with my sweetie and then my friend Pat clear across the world.  I have a renewed life, full of expectations, life, laughter and love.  I have lived beyond the suffering that people go through and witnessed the pain and suffering of others as well as the joys and happiness.  I have the experiences of a woman of substance, full of the passions that boiled inside me when I was young and I’m not afraid of who I am or what will become of me.


I live, I laugh, I love…  and yes, I am 60 and celebrated with a few friends and family.  I couldn’t have had a better day.  Looking forward to many more.


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One response to “Romance is savored and revered at 60

  1. Ann

    how thoughtfull, not just the roses but the sunflower in the middle.
    You are my sunshine, how lovely.
    Could do a new song with that one. l.o.l.

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