on the road again…

Yesterday we drove back up to Vermont to take down the exhibit we were a part of at the S.P.A.C.E. gallery in Burlington.  Arrived in Rutland to do rubbings of more Youtt ancestry’s headstones.  This cemetery was  unkempt, we walked around the mowed grass and brushed the dried clippings off some of the uprooted stones to read the names.  We entered the gated cemetery a little before 5 and were the only breathing people there.  Horse flies targeted us and were our constant companions, Shadow didn’t seem to mind but ouch – they bite.

Mary Louise Youtt

Charles Youtt

I’m sure we will try to find out a little more about the Youtts of Vermont.  Years ago Jene was in touch with a Bob Youtt from Boston who used to maintain the family plots in Rutland.

We checked into the Red roof Inn and were pleased with the accommodations, large room, dog stays free, free wi-fi, indoor pool and sauna.  We were going to go back to our Motel 6 nearer to Burlington, but decided since this was a few $$ cheaper and nicer we would stay put.

Before dinner we took a quick dip in the pool and tried the sauna.  We turned dials and couldn’t get it to heat up.  But the pool was ours alone the water was cool and refreshing.

We found our way to Table 24 restaurant (recommended by Trip Advisor).  Jene had the tenderloin in a maple glaze and I had a cucumber salad and the salmon sandwich which was the perfect size serving for my, along with a nice bottle of Shiraz.

Downtown Rutland was quiet and we were drawn to a beautifully lit church spire.

We’ll be heading up to Burlington to take down the show and to see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into…


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