Doing what you love…

Lately Jene and I have been busy with a few road trips and haven’t been keeping up with what’s happening in NY.  But we try to cram everything in that comes our way, which keeps us busy.

I still have to edit through a photoshoot that I did the end of May and am creating a wonderful book for the parents of twins through our Labor Of Love Pix fine art portraits – weddings, bump, birth and beyond.  The little ladies were just a little over 3 months and although don’t do very much, we were entertained by them for hours on end.  Offering to babysit while the parents enjoyed a quiet dinner without juggling forks and babies.  A wonderful evening for all.  I wanted to include a few intimate moments between the mother and the girls in their book. Talk about sugar and spice…


This is the ultimate love story as far as I’m concerned.  There is no greater bond than between a mother and her babies and so worth the many sleepless nights.  The dad took the opportunity to catch a few zzzzzs on the couch.  They grow so quickly and both Jene and I are thrilled to make time stand still for this loving family.


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One response to “Doing what you love…

  1. What wonderful photos of a magical time. It goes so fast but you don’t realize it at the time.

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