around town… for those not fleeing to the Hamptons

Jene and I astounded Emmanuel Fremin at last night’s opening by getting there @ 7, instead of our recent ‘beyond fashionably late entrances’ when the crowds thin out.  I had been in the city shooting earlier and the only thing we had to do was drop off our framed prints to FWAB for the upcoming annual photo auction in December.  Our work will be auctioned along with the works of Kenro Izu – courtesy of Howard Greenburg Gallery, Diane Arbus, Steiglitz, the names dropping is endless.  The prints are donated by us, the artists through the courtesy of Emmanual Fremin Gallery, and we can’t wait to see them printed in the 14th Annual auction catalog.  This is the big fundraiser –  black tie affair and we became aware of Kenro Izu on our trip to Siem Reap in 2008.  We were embraced by the warmth of the people and moved by the level of poverty and knew we had to help in our own way.  In 2009, I contacted FWAB, contributed by becoming a member, and sent a percent of my profit from the sale of “Student Monks”  from my ‘Cambodia, Past and Present Tense’  series.  We learned of the auctions and donated prints to a few of the smaller fundraisers starting in April 2009, in NY and in NJ.   Our images were selected by the FWAB curator and committee.

Inner Workings – red umbrella.     While walking through the serene gardens of Ginkaku, the “Silver Pavilion”  in Kyoto, I happened upon a setting with an outcropping of red umbrellas.  .  They reminded me of flowers popping up and I was drawn to the intricacy of the inner workings much like I am drawn to the inner beauty of a flower or a person and I wanted to show that it’s strength came from such delicate beginnings.

Jene Youtt‘s award winning Met Life image was selected.

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery exhibit ‘ Death, Desire & Digital Age –  combines today’s daily subconsciousness in each of us through mass media, popular culture and the eyes watching them.    2 distinctly different pop art photographers,  Ian Bunn and Vladimir Karlov.  Ian’s work was quite interesting and I learned he was first a painter.   The basis of his work is through the medium of TV which he shoots and manipulates.   The 3 of us talked about how our past as painters  influences our style as photographers and that is evident in Ian’s work,  Jene’s dancers and my flowers.  There is a lingering painterly feel to his work and you see where that came from.  We didn’t get a chance to talk with Vladimir but met a lovely french woman Catherine, who is a friend of his.

If you missed the opening, the exhibit will run through July 30th.   Going to the opening gives you a chance to meet the artists and to mingle with other artists and I couldn’t help commenting “great camera” to a guy on the elevator.  Later we became acquainted and I learned that the Brownie box camera is the only one that Eric Henderson shoots with.  He’s a photographer and essayist for a living – what a great way to learn money – doing what you would do just for the sheer joy of doing it.  He’s taught kids in Rio  how to use a Kodak Brownie camera, which was sponsered by Starbucks.   We chatted about the world of art and the artists, the openess of the breed in sharing information.  There isn’t (doesn’t seem to be) the dog-eat-dog competitiveness as in other fields because although you could duplicate a complete scenario, using the same model, lights, equipment but each artist would come away with a different image.  Jene and I have shot along side each other, both in studios and while traveling – the subject is the same but the outcome is different.  We have our unique styles that come across.  And if there is a competitivness between the 2 of us – it exists to pull the other up to a higher level (a partnership).   We fuel each others creativity.

And for those who do flee to the Hamptons – Emmanuel Fremin Gallery will be a part of the East Hampton Fine Art Festival coming up July 3 – 5th, and yes, Jene and I will spend some time with Emmanuel and his lovely Mary Nguyen.  (I’m hoping to get a cooking lesson or at least a few of her Vietnamese recipes using her Saigoniste All Natural peanut sauce.)   I did concoct a peanut salad dressing by adding oil and rice vinegar which was delicious but I’m sure it could be even better if I had the exact ratio – hint-hint Mary!  Mary promised to divulge some receipes which I’m sure she would allow me to share with friends.



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2 responses to “around town… for those not fleeing to the Hamptons

  1. and why not flee to the hamptons. it’s the place to be in the summer the beaches are so wonderful and just a good feeling to be in the country if only for a short time me i live here and can think of no better place to be yearround so come here . and why not stay at a comfortable bed an breakfast mine call for more personal info.

    • By all means – I used to flee to the Hamptons – summer rentals. If you can’t get away, there is plenty to do in NY Metro area.
      And if you don’t have a summer rental, the Bassett House in East Hampton looks like a wonderful place to stay. A place to consider staying if you head out to the East Hampton Fine Art Festival on July 3 5th. Not sure if there are any vacancies left so don’t wait any longer.

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