How to become a fashionista…

Fashion photography is not something that I’ve aspired to do.  So many really great photographers out there already that I wouldn’t know where to begin.  But I did try my hand at it yesterday.  Jene’s friend Dave K. had a shoot going on at his studios with a number of aspiring models, a jewelry designer, MUA,  hair stylist on hand and a few photographers/1 videographer.  Jene thought it would be a bit much and he had things to do so I went alone. For me, it would be a learning experience and a chance to shoot with Dave’s multi strobe system.  (That’s not what was set up, darn.)  Anyway, it was a chance to play around with Dave’s lighting and it was a TFCD shoot so the price was right.  I need to start feeling more comfortable in adjusting someone else’s lighting to get the effects I am looking for when shooting with others.  The models are looking for something to add to their portfolios and have one thing in mind or they have nothing in mind and leave everything up to the photographer,  even to lead them from move to move.  I photographed Pamela, a slender, long legged, Nubian princess  (I don’t think she’s from Nubia or a princess but she certainly could play one on TV.  She has such a  beautiful profile!   Dave Drew, one of the 2 male models (the one responsible for most of the models at the shoot) was devilishly dapper in his slicked back hair and corporate attire.  Jessica did the makeup for everyone and I thought it was interesting.  I was not a part of the organization so I’m not sure exactly what was going on but Dave Drew’s hair was twisted into little horns and The Devil Wears Prada book was used as a prop.  Otherwise I was clueless.  When Jene is on set, he takes charge,  when it’s just the 2 of us shooting, we alternate directing the models.  When I’ve done a workshop with several photographers in a meet-up group, each photographer (4 for 2 hours) directed the model and the lights for 1/2 hour and took lead as photographer.

When I arrived after 1pm,  shooting had not started –  Dave and Pamela were ready to shoot while others were in various stages of hair and make-up. The start time had been 10am and I know when I called at 10:45, the first photographer had just arrived.  I’m guessing that he and Dave set the 2 opposing softboxes in one studio for head shots, the other studio you could set the panel controls to use the lights however you wanted.  I shot along with the videographer, Andrew, and wanted to take what he was doing into consideration.  Dave Drew used an office high back chair as a prop and i wasn’t what it was he was trying to accomplish.  I sure hope that they like what I shot.  I did a few head shots while the other photographer was shooting fashion.

I don’t think the photographers for Fashion magazines have anything to worry about.  But I will try again and will talk to Dave about who should take the lead… someone has to.  Thank you Dave for giving me the opportunity.


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