this week in NY…

Jene sent me the latest juried competition winners from Prix de la Photographie Paris/  Px3 2010 and Howard Schatz’s “Boxers” took Photographer of the Year award.

© Howard Schatz

I’m amazed at the caliber of work that is submitted and my love,  Jene Youtt received honorable mention for “Blue” in 2009

which embodies the essence of a dancer.

Anyway, we will get to congratulate Howard in person Wednesday evening, he will be among this month’s presenters at Photo Salon.  The other photographers are: Bruce Byers, Steve Giralt, Man jari Sharma, Peter Turnley, Antonine Verglas and Emmanul Faure.  At a past showing, we got to see the series of work “Boxers” and you could hear the leather hitting flesh and feel the sweat jump off a boxer’s brow as his opponent’s glove met his jaw as you viewed slide after slide.  My late uncle was a boxer in the 50’s and I remember watching him at MSG on our B&W TV when I was allowed to stay up late.  I thought that it was brutal and couldn’t understand the sport until I went to a match, a tribute from the Golden Gloves for my uncle, Ernie “The Rock” Durando.  I sat ringside with my cousins and at first found it hard to watch as I heard the pounding of the gloves against young bodies.  Before I knew it, I was routing for one or another boxer and screaming to hit him harder.  I am by no means a violent person but there is something deep inside that was calling for blood.  Howard and I chatted after his spectacular display of powerful images and about my uncle and being friends with LaMotta.  he told me he was trying to set up a shoot with Jake Lamotta, and that jake was down on the east side.  Wow, Jake and my uncle were pretty good friends, he attended my uncle’s funeral and used to visit him on his trips up from Florida.  Some funny family stories bring smiles to my lips.  I mentioned that to Howard and gave him my business card in hopes that Jake would recognize my name and maybe Howard would let me be on the set but the shoot never happened.  Jake was a crabby old man and wouldn’t agree to being photographed by this world famous photographer.  Guess that’s what happens when you get old, you get grumpy.

I’m amazed at Howard’s images and the stories that go along with it.  Whether it’s his boxers, nudes, pregnancy or any other category, the man captures the viewer with jaw dropping ease.  There’s a raw honesty to his images blended with glam.  So if you get a chance you really should come to the Photo Salon Preseentation on Wednesday, June 16 – 6:30.  There’s a $10 entrance fee that covers the cost of renting the gallery.  I’ve never been diesappointed – the photographers that are selected rank up there in my eyes and I can at the very least appreciate all that goes into their work even if I don’t quite get it.

Photo Salon meets once a month (3rd Wednesday) at Soho Photo Gallery 15 White Street, NYC (Canal Street or Franklin Sq stations both leave you within a short walk to the gallery)  .  Photo Salon has a who’s who list of photographers on the committee.  I became acquainted with Jack Reznicki years ago when Toys R Us was one of his clients.  Jene took one of Jay Maisel‘s workshops and like going to galleries on opening nights we both are interested in what other photographers are doing and it is inspirational for me.

, and Howard Schatz works will be presented this Wednesday.  The photos run the gammut from fashion, travel, portraits, still life, and commerical work, and questions are welcomed giving you an insight into a day in the life of _ _ _ _ .  Click on the link for Photo Salon above and the artists’ names to link to their sites, for a glimpse at their work.

I normally leave feeling humbled by the vast creativity that comes together in one small room monthly and admire the openness of the photographers to share information.

The last presentation that Jene and I went to featured a bevey of female photographers and I personally found it refreshing.  Each month the works are varied and you are sure to be impressed by some of the work of both emerging and more established photographers.  So mark you calendars for the 3rd Wednesday of every month and head over to Soho Photo Gallery.   We are regulars there… a place to be inspired.


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