Today’s ADHD kid was yesteryears fidgety child…

or at least that’s the label that was attached to me.  I was smart in school until I lost interest in boring subjects (or was that boring teachers).  My lack of discipline made it difficult for me to sit for hours and study.  My mind would race though more interesting topics.  Today, Jene deems me to have what he calls monkey mind – (jumping from branch to branch).  Part of that might be because I am a gemini and also because I never had a calling in any one discipline even when it came to the arts.  I dabbled, good in various mediums but never honed my skills in any.  Is that why greatness, fame or fortune have not been bestowed on me yet.  In art classes in HS, I would go from water colors, to pastels, charcoals, and oil as the mood struck me and as an elective it was totally acceptable to my teacher.  Maybe she was hoping I would find myself.  Fast forward 40+ years and I am still trying to find myself.  I fashion myself as a photographer now and I am very good at it with a wonderful eye for subject and composition.  Never having formal training, I am not as technically proficient as scores of others but that doesn’t seem to stop me from creating some wonderful images.   I have not yet settled on a single subject matter and don’t know if I ever will.  I shoot what I love.

I am enamored by the innocence and wisdom in the eyes of a child and look to capture that in   my young models.  They have so much to say    when you look at their eyes or the fold of their arms or just the way they carry themselves. There is nothing more beautiful then the human form or the way the light plays upon it as though seen as a landscape.  Everything interests me and as a photographer I try to convey the love of life that I have for all that captures my gaze.  As an artist, it is that connection that drives me with a passion, not only in my own work but in the works of others.

Will I ever find my niche, probably not, I will be intrigued by nearly everything that crosses my path.  This is not a bad thing (at least not to me) as I wonder what lies ahead.  My work sells every now and again and I seem to draw interest from different types of people so that’s a plus.

When I look at artists that I consider great – I realize that they are really good at most anything they put their minds and hands to.  Were they fidgety kids or just so damned talented, I often wonder.

Last night, Jene Youtt and I went to Photo Salon and watched a number of photographers present their work to an audience of other photographers, friends and art lovers.  I find it inspiring for sure and come away with another outlook, a different way of seeing things and I soak it up like a sponge.  The world is such a big beautiful place and since I can’t see or go everywhere I enjoy what those who have can share with the universe.  Isn’t life grand!

The presenters were all successful photographer including Peter Turnley who has been documenting the times of his life from the age of 16.  Incredible images, some that graphically depict the hard times and war since the late 60s, famish and natural disasters adn the heartache that is left behind.  Many of you have seen his work on the covers of Newsweek throughout the years.  Startling! Impactful!  His life story, being on the front lines in war and politics for decades was a stuggle and hearing the accounts he was entrenched in gave more credit to his images.  But you didn’t need to hear the stories to feel the impact of what he shot.

Howard Shatz showed his magazine work with a number of sports personalities as well as actors.  Including a video interview of a photo session. Manjari Sharma showed her “Shower” series which caught the attention of a faucet company and landed her a commercial campaign.  So you never know where your personal projects will take you.  Emmanuel Faure gave us some insight into his iPhone pics and although are lo-res 3×3″, it is great for impromptu street photograpy displayed on the web.  Antoine Verglas ‘s glam world of magazine fashion, Bruce Byers took you on his road trip, which including some corporate work of his.  Steve Giralt has been traveling through the US with 4 states left to cover in his road series.

Again, Photo Salon presents at Soho Photo Gallery every 3rd Wednesday of the month except for August.  So mark your calendears for July 21. and you can get insight into the wonderful world of photography.

Til then…  Mary Durante Wehrhahn


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  1. too bad ny subways don’t look as good, but they could oh well. nice to read your thoughts.

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