July: Hot time, summer in the city… then cool off in the Hamptons

Summertime and the living is easy…  a good way to escape the heat is to stay inside with the air conditions on full blast… but if you start to get cabin fever, why not hop a subway to Soho Photo Gallery for their upcoming exhibit.  The opening for their 15th Annual National Competition is July 6th.

Jene and I hope to make it to that one and then flee to the Hamptons for the ArtHampton’s International Fine Art Fair where we will be sure to stop by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery’s booth #303  The Art Fair runs from July 9th thru 11th.  Jene Youtt and I will be attending the Opening Preview Party on the 8th.  The admission benefits the Long House Reserve which exemplifies living with art in all forms.

It’s been nearly a year, since I photographed Emmanuel and struck up the beginning of a relationship, supporting each other’s endeavor’s. When I first saw his modeling credentials (having worked with Richard Avedon and Bruce Weber as well as others), I thought he was too high fashion for me but soon learned that he really enjoys working with artists.  I was charmed by his easy way, his French accent and of course his professionalism as a model.  He was looking to re-open his gallery in a new Soho location and would keep in touch with me.  Jene & I have been going to his openings ever since.  Art has a way of bringing people together, it’s the connection that one feels when as you are drawn into the work of the artist.  It doesn’t matter what the medium or subject matter is, it’s what you as a viewer feels when you are drawn into the world of the artist.  With photography, it’s the “click moment” that makes it magical.  BAM!  Everyone with a digital camera and computer thinks that they could have done that (myself included).  Well, yes but would it be at that precise moment, frozen in time?  An artist has an innate sense when everything in the universe is aligned – the light, the movement, the connection!  Seeing the ordinary but making it extraordinary.  I sometimes shoot alongside my sweetheart Jene, and although the subject matter and lighting are the same, the images are different.  Our vision is not the same, our techniques set us apart and I feel it is apparent in the finished product.  People often ask us, if we are competitive and in some ways we are, but only in a good way,  we learn from each other, we strive for perfection, we respect each other and we both love what we do.

I hope to exhibit together, side by side, so that viewers can get a glimpse at seeing through the eyes of an artist and how each artist there is a slightly different feel.

© Jene Youtt

© Mary Durante Wehrhahn

© Jene Youtt

© Mary Durante Wehrhahn

I don’t think that one is better than the other per se, but there’s is some underlying essence that is unique to how we see things, or what story we are trying to convey…

15 percent of my profit from any images in my “Cambodia – Past & Present Tense” series benefit the Children’s Hospital of Angkor Wat through Kenro Izu’s foundation Friends Without A Border.  These are limited signed editions and a few have sold to fine art collectors.  One through a NJ gallery and 3 through photo auctions that directed benefitted the hospital.  Jene and I are both participating in this December’s FWAB gala event and photo auction.  Our work will be featured along with the likes of many famous photographers- past and present.  Donated by us, courtesy of Emmanuel Fremin Gallery.

Be cool, buy art… not only is giving the gift of art very personal, it is a good investment to be enjoyed as it gains value.

Mary Durante Wehrhahn


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