Wish you were here 9… at A.I.R. gallery

I nearly forgot… Didn’t get to my mail in time to see that the actual opening for the Annual Benefit Postcard Show was yesterday (and I submitted one of my postcards).
but lucky for me there is a santa claus…   Special 1st Thursday Reception (July 1st)  at A.I.R. Gallery so I didn’t totally miss an opening that I am participating in.

I never participated before so I am not sure what to expect —  the unexpected!    I’ve no idea of how all the submitted postcards are displayed only that we were asked to make them signed pieces of work and that the 4 x 6 postcards would sell for $40 and would benefit the AIR fellowship program.  Hopefully it is not to late to see my postcard but if it was purchased and taken then all the better.   Look for my postcard…

The reception is from 6-8:30 pm this upcoming Thursday, – July 1st and you can buy a little art while benefitting emerging artists through A.I.R. Gallery.

You will also get to see the work by seven Swedish Woman Artists

Hjördis Becker
Annika Erixån
Margareta Krantz
Margareta Lindman
Aino Näslund
Birgitta Nenzén
Irene Trotzig

A.I.R. Gallery

111 Front Street, Brooklyn  #228

Hope you can make it.

Mary Durante W


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