A.I.R. Gallery /Dumbo’s 1st Thursday art tour

What a wonderful night to hop a subway to Brooklyn.  I thought I had missed the opening (I did) but there was the 1st Thursday of the month art gallery tour in DUMBO so Jene and I went to see how my 4 x 6 postcard would be displayed along with 400 or so other artists.  We had the back of the gallery and rows of clear plastic grooved holders ran neatly around the room.  Our cards slipped into the holder at the bottom and a single push-pin held each in place.  All the 4 x 6’s were selling or $40 and many already had the familiar little red dots on them.  I search the room for my familiar image and saw that it was hung horizontally.  The intern quickly righted the postcard and joked about “now it will sell”  I certainly hope so.  A.I.R. Gallery is a non profit gallery and the moneys raised will benefit the foundation which helps emerging female artists.  What a great gift idea for a hostess of the next dinner party you go to.  An affordable signed piece for less then the cost of a decent bottle of wine.  The exhibit runs through July 18.  Really pick up a few as gifts – and one for yourself.

I also like the works of Keun Young Park ‘s “Tremors” which is being exhibited in the gallery.  She photographs the image, sizes it in PS and manipulates the color, prints it and tears the paper into the tiniest pieces.   A time consuming process, meticulously placed colored papers form a collage as the final image.  There’s an eerie quality to her work in the sense that it is haunting and draws you in for a closer look.

At another gallery at 111 Front street, Jene noticed the work of an artist who was somehow came across on his blog link…  Anyway we spent a good half hour talking to Marina Reiter about her work and Jene wondered where her inspiration came from.  Music and it’s flow!  3 interesting pieces that would work well as a collection.  Jene took her card so I’m sure he will blog about her and I don’t need to be redundant.  Check his Fuzzypictures blog in the next day or so.


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One response to “A.I.R. Gallery /Dumbo’s 1st Thursday art tour

  1. Looks to be a great art tour, all the best with it!

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