ArtHamptons – with an art lover

For Jene Youtt’s take on the art fair, read his Fuzzypictures weblog.  He did quote me as saying that I think we’ve gone to one too many NY Art Fairs but there is always a few galleries that we hadn’t seen before.  I’m not jaded or tainted by that as it is always fun to watch Jene as he chats with curators.  I stand back and watch this “kid in a candy shop” scenario unfold in front of my eyes.  He loves to explore every realm of art, to find out what inspired the artists and to understand where they are coming from.  He becomes engrossed and animated in the conversation.   He finds people interesting – that’s part of his zest for life.  He will also talk about his transition from oils to photography.  It is apparent in his use of rich colors, colors that show emotions to convey the feelings of the moment as well as the impermanence of time.  Poof!  Gone in  a nano second after your brain focuses on it.  I think he is a master at that.  Freezing it with a click of his shutter.  Yes, I am one of his biggest fans, but not just because I love him, maybe inspite of that fact.  I look at his works with a critical eye and find that BAM factor that sets his work apart.

© Jene Youtt Photography

Anyway, we arrived at the preview party, fashionable late, parked at the far end of the dusty dirt path that led to the entrance.  We chatted with a few poor souls in the Aperture booth which was outside the air conditioned tents.  We joked about who they must have slighted to receive such punishment.  Inside even with the air conditioning at full blast, it was a tad close.  We seemed to get to the food stations a little too late as everyone we passed was either slim pickings or totally devoid of the tasty samples.  We did manage to grab a glass of wine from a tray as it was quickly passing by.  The entrance fee was $75 pp and it seemed like some people were trying to get their monies worth as they stationed themselves by the tables.  THE ART – although seen by us before, there were so many breath-taking works.  We stopped by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery to see a few of my favorite images by Drew Tal.  They hung side by side and if I had the money they would be on my wall.   (and if I had walls large enough to do them justice) I don’t think I would ever tire of looking at

© Drew Tal

Other artists: Thomas Barbey, Michel Gilberti, Francoise Ben Arous and Nanjo Francois Shunsuke  were represented by Emmanuel Fremin and I hate to single anyone of them out BUT…  my little snip-it pics don’t don them justice.

Another artist, Jordan Eagles whose medium is blood and resin stopped people dead in their tracks.   We first happened upon Jordan at a solo exhibit at the Merge Gallery (no longer in existence).  We talked to the curator about meeting Jordan years ago and that we were impressed by his work.   Talk about pushing the envelope.  The work is vibrant and full of life (no pun intended), but it is a life force and he managed to turn it into a work of art –   Beautifully!   It was nice to see his work represented by Benjamin Krause Gallery.

© Jordan Eagles

Jene was snapping pictures and taking names so please refer to his blog for more of what crossed our paths.

We’ve used Kodak Metallic Endura paper since we learned about it at it’s introduction at Photo Plus Expo I guess 2 years ago.  And it really has caught on in the art world as we saw just about everyone and his brother using it as a substrate for their images.  I don’t think it works all the time.  I actually had Adorama print a 16 x 20 of my image “Shedding” and I printed a smaller version on matt paper on my Epson 1800R.  I happened to like the way the colors blended on the matt, giving it the feel I was trying to capture.   And I question it’s use on some of the prints on display.

Tulla Booth Gallery caught my eye, as we had passed the closed shop in our walk through Sag Harbor.  And fell in love with her French Poppies.  Flowers are dear to my heart and her compostion is utterly lovely.  She also represents other fine artists

© Tulla Booth

Magnum Gallery represented the works of a few artists including Elliot Erwitt’s prints using the HP printer and new software that Jene was all abuzz about.  The list continues…

A.I.R. Gallery featured some of the work of Keun Young Park.  We chatted with the director, Kat Griefen,whom we met during the 1st Thursday gallery tour, where one of my postcards was part of the “Wish You Were Here 9” fundraiser.

© Keun Young Park

This is just the tip of the iceberg and you really should get out there and become surrounded by the arts in every shape and form.  Breathe it in, bask in it’s wonderful aura.   NY is full of art – get out and get some.

We were the house guests of Sag Harbor residents Linda and Randy and enjoyed dinner and a swim in their pool after the event.   Thank you again for your gracious hospitality and enjoyable conversations.

Mary Durante Wehrhahn


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  1. nice company for a nice weekend

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