NYC galleries – In, Out and about (things of interest)

It seems of late that I am spending more time going through images, trying to market myself than I do creating new images. finding someone to represent an emerging artist is difficult, especially during this economic downturn, galleries are sticking with a sure thing, saturating the market with more established artists.  Even in the wealthier town of Sag Harbor a couple of galleries have closed.  In our wanderings we stopped into the Delaney Cooke Gallery – 150 Main Street and spoke extensively with owner/curator Mary Cooke about the difficulties of gaining the interest of art collectors.  We found her sitting in the back at her desk, surrounded by vintage photos that her late husband, photojournalist Jerry Cooke had taken over the years.  He worked for Time-Life and Sports Illustrated Magazines traveling the world capturing athletes and celebrities.  She is selling his vintage prints and we talked about Bruce Silverstein Gallery’s interest in vintage silver gelatin prints, which is a big part of the galleries private collection…

I’ve gotten off the beaten path… which happens alot to me… I am in the midst of submitting images for an upcoming competition whose theme is “children”  Right up my alley.  I do have some wonderful images and while Jene thought that some of my images were lit and portrayed beautifully, he thought that they depicted a more adult quality rather than child-like.  And as much as any woman may hate to admit that her fella is right, he was.  There are times that I need feedback.  What I felt was mood and an intensity, under these circumstances he felt them to be more sultry.   So I will go back to find a few images  of the light hearted side of children – the reason they lift our spirits when you see them at play or hear a little one squeal with joy, or the ones where we go aaah at the glance at a newborn.   I was swayed by images of past editions of Shot Magazine and lost sight of what children mean to me.   There are all sides to children and certainly the jurors will select images that they are drawn to.  I will submit images that I am captivated by and hope one catches their eye.  When it comes right down to it – it’s all just a crap shoot.  A roll of the dice – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  But here are a few that I will definitely submit.

© Mary Durante Wehrhahn

© Mary Durante Wehrhahn

© Mary Durante Wehrhahn

© Mary Durante Wehrhahn

As with any juried competition or anything for that matter, everyone likes something different and there is no accounting for what strikes one’s fancy.  As Jene has said, he has no idea what the people that buy his prints like – perhaps the color  goes great in their living room.  He has sold a number of his prints through galleries both in NY and in Kyoto so he doesn’t normally have direct contact unless something sells at the opening when he is around.

There’s still a lot of stuff going on in the art world for the month of July,  in August Chelsea Galleries as well as others tend to roll up their sidewalks and go on holiday.   And since the XR-7 is in the shop we’ve had the last weekend and this one coming up all to ourselves.  No grease embedded under our nails.  (I am Jene’s able bodied assistant in restoring our money pit)

Friday, July 16th, ICO Gallery, 606 West 26th St,  in Chelsea, we were invited by abstract surrealist artist,  Marina Reiter whom we met in DUMBO. The exhibit is called Heat which runs until July 31st.

Another exhibit of interest which runs through July 30thBig Girls: Large Format Photographs by Women Photographers, an article in the NY Times had caught Jene’s eye.  Rick Wester Fine Art 511 West 25th Street Suite 205.

Photo Salon: has their monthly presentation of photographers on Wed. July 21st.  at Soho Photo Gallery 15 White Street starting @ 6:30.  $10 admission covers the cost of rent the space.  (They take a break in August and will be back in Sept with more artists)

Collect LES’s gallery crawl: (Lower East Side) happens on Thursday July 22nd and there’s a link on Artlog that will give you more info – Tickets are $20 but there’s is free admission to The New Museum‘s exhibition as per ArtLog from 7 – 9  located at 235 Bowery Street

Delaney Cooke Gallery: July 16 through the 27–   “Love in Russia” – Jerry Cooke.  The quality of the original prints are superb and you can purchase affordable limited edition prints of many of works.   Mary Delaney Cooke is also an artist, a painter but I’m not sure if/when her works will be exhibited at the gallery.

Bruce Silverstein Gallery: July 8 through Augsut 6–  We missed the opening but that’s no reason not to go to the gallery –  “Discoveries” a selection of vintage photos from the gallery’s private collection is on view.  And they do have a sizable collection.  Some just small original snapshots, others enlarged prints.  We missed the artist reception opening because we were at ArtHampton Fine Art Fair.  I was surprised Silversteins didn’t participate but I guess they have a very strong NYC base of collectors.


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