As summer comes to a close, art galleries open…

August in NY finds major galleries on vacation.  They fashion themselves after Europeans, where the citizenry goes on holiday.  There are pop-up galleries and of course you will find some open but not with ths same fervor.

The fall openings of the art season tends to coincide with fashion week in NY so the city is buzzing more than usual.  Last year, we went to several Chelsea gallery openings, brought a French photographer we had met the prior week with us and then we headed over to Emmanuel Fremin’s opening.  We had hoped to go the Valentino’s first fashion night out where the haute couture designer stores stayed open til midnight – partying all the way.  But hunger took over and we opted to grab dinner @ 10pm.  Not sure exactly what our plans are for this year.  Silverstein’s is normally on the list of galleries that we attend, as is Emmanuel Fremin Gallery.   Chelsea is more about being seen, then in seeing the exhibits.  We go for the art and to talk to some curators and artists that we’ve gotten to know over time.

A wonderful way to get back into the swing of gallery hopping is to come  to Governor’s Island’s “small works art fair”, where prints from my latest figure study shoot will be exhibited.  I just found out that the jury selected my images and will have more details by the end of this week.  I’m always excited when my work is chosen.  From what I understand The Great Nudestv is an online magazine.  They are the ones that selected my images.  When submitting works, one never knows what a panel of jurors are looking for.  Even if you look at the jurors websites or images selected from past exhibits, you still don’t know.  I spent less time lamenting over which 3 images to submit than I normally do since it’s all a crap shoot.   who knows what will catch somene’s eye.  Art is so subjective.

The small works art fair is open on Saturday &  Sunday from Sept 4th through the 24th.  I’m guessing that if there is an artist reception that it will be on Sept 4th although there is normally a mass exodus from the city for the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore – Labor Day weekend.  But for those of you who don’t want to sit in traffic for hours, take a short ferry ride to Governor’s Island and wander among some of the area’s finest works of art.  Yes, including mine.  All the art is available for sale so bring your credit cards.

As soon as I knew more about where my images will reside, I’ll post the information.


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