Juried art competitions – what to submit?

It is so much easier to select the images to submit when a juried competition has a theme.  Even a vague theme helps you narrow down your choices.  I have been rummaging through some of my abstracts, landscapes and flowers trying to decide what to submit to ArtConnections 7 for the George Segal Gallery.  Last year one of my Cambodian images was selected but it didn’t sell.  “Student Monks” is a limited edition of 25.  The first sold moments after it was hung at Soho in Hoho (gallery inside Granny’s Attic in Hohokus) to a woman from NYC Housewives production staff.  The point for me is to have my work out there but selling would be the icing on the cake since it would also benefit the art foundation.  Art Connections is the annual fund-raising event for the George Segal Gallery– Now in its seventh year, Art Connections attracts artists of varied mediums from across the US.

Supporting the arts is even more important now that NJ’s governor has failed to qualify for the federal $$$$$$$ slotted for education.   The arts are the first programs to get cut from the budgets when money is not available.  Art is what separates us from the other animals inhibiting this planet.  It is an expression or interpretation of feelings.  It connects people.  It tells a story.  It is an important factor in all of our lives even if we don’t realize it all the time.  Imagine the world without art, music, dance, theater.   Not a place I would want to spend my time.

The artists submissions are due by Sept. 17 and will be reviewed with selected artists being notifified October 11th.  The exhibit runs  January18 – February 17th 2011.

You can submit up to 5 images so I think I will submit a few different subjects and styles.

As I said, you never know what will catch someone else’s interest so I will submit what I feel good about and like having  on my own walls.  Art is so subjective my guy Jene Youtt (also a photographer) and I may like the same images but for difference reasons.

I’ll keep you updated, til then

Mary Durante Wehrhahn


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