Art, music and throngs of people

gathered on Governors Island Saturday th 4th for the start of the 3rd annual art fair.  The ferry from both Brooklyn and NY are free.  There were free snacks and drinks and the most perfect weather.  Sunshine, blue skys and cool breezes.

ferry terminal

My sweetie couldn’t be at my side since he was flying down to Panama that afternoon to photograph the diablos rojas in Panama city (the colorfully handpainted public buses that he’s been wanting to shoot again since we were there in 2006).  My dear friend Pat drove up from Old Bridge, sat in tunnel traffic to see my latest images hanging as part of TheGreatNude exhibit.  While I waited for her, I had the good company of fellow photographer Vlad Kenner whose nudes were also part of the exhibit.   Jene Youtt met Vlad Kenner through a Figure Study and Lighting Meet-up group years ago.  His style is more raw erotic than mine and I find his work provocative on different levels.  Art is meant to not only show beauty or to tell a story  but to illicit one’s thoughts even if through controversy.

I enjoyed strolling the grounds, bicyclist young and old, scooters and skaters took to the paths, along with masses of people.  Picnic blankets dotted the grass along the river’s edge.  They even have a section of sandy beaches for sunbathing.  I had never been to the island before and not sure how long it has been open to the public.  I’m not sure how many abandoned military barracks housed the arts but I was in Building 12, Section H room 4 (2nd floor).  I did visit the other artists in my building and  I loved the installation of an artist,  who works in fabrics.  Cutting, sewing mounting small pieces on the walls or dangling from the ceiling> She worked while she chatted with onlookers.  She had sheer material on the windows and swooping in a arc which covered the ceiling.  The makeshift curtains  bellowed in the cool breeze softening the harsh white walls of peeling paint.  What a serene environment to create in – mystical in a way, very soothing for the psyche.

The art fair runs through Sept. 26 from 11 – 6 on Saturdays and Sundays and is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the cement jungle.   So hop the ferry and enjoy the day.  All art works are for sale and there are plenty of styles and mediums to choose from.

I am busy planning my and Jene’s “intent ceremony” while he is in Panama.  I’ve looked at flowers and bought vases to decorate the house and yard.  He will be home tomorrow night and can help with plenty that needs to be done.  This will be a simple private ceremony for my family and dearest friends.  We are working out the details and hope that the weather cooperates with us for our outdoor ritual.  We will be married in Mendocino, CA Nov 4th after a cross-country trip if god is willing and the creek don’t rise.

Sept is a busy month not just for us personally but also for gallery openings as well as the Affordable Art Fair.  For some listings click on Artlog for what to do and where to go.

Wednesday, Sept 15th 6:30 – 8 PhotoSalon gathering at Soho Photo Gallery for a presentation of several photographers’ works.

Thursday, Sept. 16 Agora Gallery

530 West 25th St. NYC

opening with 2 exhibitions: Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibit and Animasymbolism: The Conscious Paradigm of Fred Mou

Friday, Sept. 17 6 – 8pm  Emmanuel Fremin Gallery opening:

546 Broadway  5B,  NYC

“Impact” works by Shunsuke Francois Nanjo

I can’t begin to list all the galleries that are having openings in the upcoming weeks so check

Sept 30 through Oct 3rd There’s the Affordable Art Fair.

7West 34th Street, NYC  housing numerous NY, National and International Galleries

Time to get something accomplished today before the sun goes down.

Mary Durante Wehrhahn (name will be changing – dropping the borrowed name of Wehrhahn)


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