at least it’s not broken

Getting ready for a house celebration means cleaning and prepping and so while Jene was away in Panama, I cleaned and polished the hardwood floors in the kitchen and dining room, put a fresh coat of white enamel on the kitchen door and woodwork, cleaned and rehung the curtains and  plants in the window.   I was feeling productive.   Jene was flying home from Panama  and I wanted to have some sprucing up done before he got back.  (I had spent 3 days with the girls while he was away)

Friday he helped me move furniture in the LR so I could clean/polish that and the hall floors while he added Y sockets to all the lights in the finished basement. (In case it rains, the party will be indoors).  A party always spurs me on to do the heavy cleaning and to fix the little things that you put off.  Jene ran to Lowe’s and then to see the progress being made on the Cougar XR7 spiffy new red shell.

While he was out, I pulled the chair over to the window so I could touch up a smudge on the window frame.  Before I knew it, my body was slamming onto the floor, Ouchhhhhhhh, F–k, Sh-t, all the curses I could think of before assessing the situation.  I could feel my ankle swelling and the pain ran through me.  Luckily I didn’t hit the table or the corner of the cabinet.  I reached for my cell phone and quickly dialed Jene, he was nearly home; lying in pain the time ticked slowly. Jene took my sneaker off and gently held my limp, twisted ankle.  (Can it still be called an ankle when you can’t see the ankle bone?)  I don’t have medical insurance so a trip to the ER was out of the question for me.  Spending a thousand dollars to wait for hours to be seen is ridiculous.  A quick call to Matt (my son-in-law, a former Fair Lawn EMT) reminded me that the medi-clinic a couple blocks away had an x-ray machine.  $250 included an xray, doctor appraisal and a sexy lace-up black ankle brace which I have to wear for at least 3 weeks, $50 for crutches still was a lot cheaper then an ER a’la cart menu.

Icing and keeping my foot elevated has helped but it’s hard for me to stay in bed. Especially when there are things that need to be done.  I made the morning coffee, attached a bag to my crutches, used the Tinkerbell thermal coffee mug Rose bought me and hobbled back to bed.  Later sent Jene on some errands while I sat in the garage and finely buffed the chrome bumpers with triple zero steel wool.  I made roasted turkey thigh, chicken breasts and sweet potatoes for dinner and even took the stone pans out of the oven.  There is a knack to getting around  on crutches, adjusting them is key.  For some reason set at 5’4″ seems to fit under my arms better then 5’2″ (maybe I’m finally growing!).  Oh well…  I have to think of where to position them before doing down or up steps.  Jene will be heading back into the city (things to do) for at least today I will be on my own.   I’ll find out just how skilled I am when Shadow goes out for her walk.

One week to go, before we say I will…  I do or I’ll try, whatever it is that we will say to each other.  Guess I’ll spend the day writing my vows to Jene.  Downloading music and staying off my foot as much as I can.

Signing off for now,

Mary Durante Wehrhahn (will be dropping the Wehrhahn soon)


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One response to “at least it’s not broken

  1. ann

    plenty of rest for that foot.
    I really feel for you as I slipped over in the food court at the shopping centre a few yrs ago and took a while to recover from the fall. at least most of us have mobile phones so we can contact people
    hope you have a quick recovery.

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