Photoshoots, using speedlight and just natural light

One of the things I like to do is to shoot with natural light.  Letting the shadows depict the emotions I am trying to capture.  The images that tell the emotional story are easy to see.  Someone more skilled than I can create the same moods with speedlights, beauty rings, softboxes and I’m trying to hone my skills.  Far from it to be totally satisfied with my meager attempts but the images are lovely rendered family portraits.

These images are of a lovely family who is coping with breast cancer.  Mary was my main subject but love comes across as the source of her greatest strength and what helped her endure 6 months of chemo treatments and what will sustain her through her upcoming radiation treatments.  I photographed the family in their home, just scratching the surface of who these people are.  They are an inspiration!  And I hope to help tell her story.

The two images above, I used my Canon 580II speedlight on a stand for fill light.

The ones below were just with natural light streaming in from a window.


One of the things to keep in mind as Rick Berk of Canon mentioned in a class I attended at Unique Photo is ‘know when to use flash and when not too’.  It is up to you as an artist to create and light as well as color helps to tell the story.

I am looking forward to photographing a friend, former co-worker who had her radiation treatments more than 5 years ago.  Marjorie was featured in a ad in “O” magazine (Oprah’s) in Oct for breast cancer awareness month.  Just one more woman of courage and beauty in a sea of thousands who have gone before them and those to follow.  Cancer effects everyone…

If there are other women who live in the NY/NJ Metro area and would like to participate in my artistic photo essay showing Beauty Beyond Breast cancer,  Please feel free to contact me through this site or my email


Mary Durante Wehrhahn

(I will be dropping my borrowed name soon and perhaps taking on a new one – Youtt)



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