art matters

I’ve been a tad preoccupied with my own personal affairs.  Mid-September Jene Youtt and I celebrated our “intent” with close family and friends and were married November 4th; the 6th anniversary of our meeting for a cup of coffee.  We took a pre-wedding train trip across the USA enjoying the scenery and clicking our shutters along the way.  Spent a couple of days in the Colorado Rockies, with friends in Reno and then a scant week in Mendocino with long time friend and photographer Denise DeLuise and her husband Ken Flannell.  I even went mushroom hunting and bagged some chantrelles and oyster shrooms.

I will be changing my name – dropping the one I had borrowed for 40 years (Wehrhahn).  Still unsure of who I will be –  Mary Durante or perhaps Mary Durante Youtt.  A lot of paper work will be necessary and I dread filling out umpteen forms and making copies of birth, divorce and marriage certificates for official documents.

But ART MATTERS and there are many upcoming art exhibits to go to.

Friday November 12 –  ICOSAHEDRON Gallery – Cryptical Envelopment reception @ 8pm

Saturday November 13th  Soho Photo Gallery is participating in Tribecca Gallery Preview from 4 – 7 along with a number of other galleries

Thursday Nov 18 –  CUE Art Foundation featuring John Corbin and Keith Ducan’s works.

Saturday Nov. 20th Dennis Mosner Studio in Union City, NJ will be featuring the works of Christine Soccio.  I couldn’t help it, I had to purchase one of her abstracts to hang on my wall.

Upcoming for month of December:

Red Dot Miami – Of course if you are lucky enough to be heading to warmer climates there is Red Dot in Miami and Emmanuel Fremin Gallery will have a strong presence there.  The opening reception is Tuesday, Nov. 30 and will also feature some delicious Vietnamese treats from Saigoniste.  I have sampled some of Mary Nguyen’s natural and savory peanut sauce.  It’s wonderful as a dip, sauce or can be thinned with rice vinegar and oil for a salad dressing.

So much to do so little time to do it in… and these are just of few of the things going on in my art world.

to be continued….  Mary Durante Wehrhahn Youtt or whoever I am  😉


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