The need to focus

I seem to be all over the place lately.  Not very organized since we’ve returned from our pre-wedding trip across the USA by rail.

People are asking to see all my wedding pictures, I want to create a blurb book but my mind is as scattered as the autumn leaves in the wind.  The “intent ceremony” photos that Vlad Kenner took had to be moved from lightroom to free up space on my laptop for our journey.  The easiest way for me to preview them all again is to import them back into LR, then resize the selects as a batch instead of one at a time through photoshop.  Then there’s the retouching, cropping that needs to be done.  Next is to go through ALL the images that my speedy shutter finger clicked as we traveled.  Denise was my wedding photographer and I have a jpg CD after our intimate ceremony.  I need the hi-res images preferrably the raw ones so that I can make my color corrections and not lose data.  I need to stay focused on one task at a time…

I had the day off, Jene went back into the city last night and my time should have been spent more productively.  After my morning coffee, Shadow had to go out to pee, the first rounds of meds, a poop walk, the second round of meds, more coffee and a handful of Cheese-nips for breakfast as I dashed out to pick up a few items that Jene asked me to get.  With the onset of a headache, I heated up a slice of leftover pizza for lunch before doing some grocery shopping.  Time for Shadow’s injection.  Might as well cook up the chicken livers (high in iron).  Vet said she was a tad anemic.  Went through my emails, facebook and regular mail and tried to sit down to the computer again but now I lack motivation.  There is only 1 more hour of daylight and I’ve gotten very little accomplished.  Have I lost interest in one of the most important events of my life?  I’d have my nose to the grindstone when it comes to doing this for clients why don’t I have that same mindset when it comes to doing things for myself?   It’s on the to-do list along with some many other things.  Competitions that I want to enter have also been pushed back to the bottom of the list.  I am restless, listless, distracted by my many thoughts and daunting chores.  So much to do, so little time to do it in – espeically when I waste time thinking.  JUST DO IT.  Start at the top and work your way down.

Needless to say, I finally stopped meandering and got my butt into gear.  I am now in the midst of resizing, cropping and color correcting the images from our intent ceremony.  Getting started is sometimes the hardest part – then it all falls into place.  But it wasn’t all smooth sailing –  for some unknown reason I wasn’t able to import the raw images from my external HD back into lightroom.  Oh well…  I’ll revert to plan B going through the DVD in Bridge.  It works, one image at a time…  another day in the life of a photographer.



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