2011 – great expectations or not

Out with the old, in with the new…  another year is coming to a hurried close.  I cherish the past year, I cherish every moment that my breath flows through my body.  I half jokingly say that I expect little and get even less – how’s that for jaded.  While some of that is true, most has been good and I’ve had some very pleasant experiences when I least expected them.   I look at life more poetically, I have aspirations, inspirations, hopes, dreams and desires like most people but I don’t hitch my wagon to them.  What I tend to do is to wake everyday with positive thoughts and an open heart.  Each dawn brings a new beginning, a time to right the little wrongs that may have happened or at the very least – to deal with them, to be aware of  feelings, put things into perspective and to cope with things I have no control over.  Life is good in my corner of the world.

My art – photography while it may not pay the rent is my way of bringing a little beauty into the lives of other people.  Jene Youtt and I have donated prints to FWAB which benefits The Angkor Hospital for Children for the past 2 years now.  The dollars that some noted art collectors spend to purchase the prints may actually save a child’s life – wow!  We feel so fortunate to have learned of Kenro Izu’s work and his devotion to help the Cambodian children.  I/we are making a difference in a small way but it is huge when you think about it.  Even a relatively unknown artist can make a difference in someone’s life.  We all can  – by doing little things, even a smile goes a long way to brighten someone’s day.  I’ve seen how a compliment given to a complete stranger brings a warm smile to their lips and a bounce to their step.  I know because I’ve been on the receiving side of compliments on the jewelry I create.  A conversation was started over my bracelet while Jene and I were at Design Art Museum in Manhattan soon after it opened and lead to the lovely woman buying it from me on the spot.

It seems that this past year, Jene and I were occupied by more personal stuff, having planned and executed my 60th BD party, an “intent ceremony”, a pre-wedding cross country train trip and a intimate wedding ceremony. All within the second half of the year.  This whirlwind of socializing was interspersed with gallery exhibits and entering photography competitions where Jene seems to fair better then I do, winning awards and receiving honorable mentions.  (Oh well, as he says it’s all a crap shoot).  It takes time and effort, but our work is well received, sells occasionally and most of all we do love what we do.

We will start off 2011 by participating in Art Connections 7, a group exhibit and fundraiser at Montclair State University’s George Segal Gallery.  Opening Reception will be held on Sunday January 23rd from 2 – 5pm and the exhibit runs from January 18 – February 19, 2011.  It’s a juried show  – 5 images were submitted and this year one of my flower prints was chosen. Since it is a fundraiser, the 24 x 20 framed print is bargained priced to sell.  Giving the gallery half the asking price which will help supports it’s mission.

I love the print “faded tulip” from my wilted flower series because there is still so much beauty to be seen even after the bloom has faded.   I feel that way about people too which is why I began with self portraits.    Most older women  (I include myself in that group) are too critical of their looks, the skin starts to slack and they miss the beauty that is still apparent to others.  Their beauty surfaces and wells inside them, it stems from the women of substance that they have morphed into.  Age while appreciated is not held in high regard,  society is youth oriented and can’t seem to look beyond the dewey complexions of the 20 year olds.  Don’t get me wrong,  I have nothing against beautiful young models and I have worked with a number of lovely females and a couple of males.  The human form is beautiful.  I love to follow the contours as light and shadow  play against flesh creating a bodyscape of sorts.

I love creating an ethereal effect in my compositions because it is the fleeting moment when in the blink of an eye – poof the magic is gone.

model - Keira Grant

retrograde - self portrait

Working with models, the interplay sets the tone and moves across a canvas like a brush stroke.  A brief encounter, ideas discussed, direction given and interpretation made is all art of the creative process.  As I mentioned in a past blog, Keira was a model Jene had selected to shoot.  She was a fine art model and not exactly what I was hoping to add to an ongoing series BUT she was lovely and easy to work with and I got some really great images that I love.  Jene also did not necessarily get the drama he initially was looking for but some darn great images appeared on his desktop.  So you see pleasant surprises when you least expect them – how utterly nice!

To see more of my nudes as well as other photos that I put my signature on go to my websites:  http://marywehrhahn.musecube.com/

Labor Of Love Pix or www.marywehrhahn.com


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