2011 Juried photography competitions

Yesterday was the final day to submit images for the”Human + Being” competition held by The Center for Fine Art Photography, in Ft. Collins, CO.

I finally uploaded 3 images yesterday but it takes me days to go through my shots to see which ones I think the judge might like.  Talk about second guessing yourself.  Sometimes it is a panel of jurors.  This one is Phil Borges.  His work is incredible and so I wonder will he be looking for something better than his own (if that is possible) or something totally different that lies within the confines of the theme.  As artists we can think out of the box so the confines are up to your interpretation.



One dollar, one dollar

In the past one of Jene’s images made the final cut and was exhibited in their space.  Of course, that meant matting, framing with plexi and shipping in hopes that someone will like it enough to buy it.  If not they will ship it back to you.  Is it worh the expense of shipping?  Who knows.

I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.  But shipping art can be costly.  When Jene’s was selected for a solo exhibit in Kyoto, Japan, the gallery said that they would frame the prints there in order to keep the costs down.  They also paid for the return of the images that didn’t sell.  Lucky for them the return package was lighter than the the one Jene sent.  The downside was resizing all 30 images for the specific frame size that the gallery dictated.  The upside was – we flew to Japan and made a whirl wind vacation out of it, meeting a fellow photographer Hirotaka Kasuga before venturing over to Cambodia.

Hirotaka was affiliated with Soho Photo Gallery in NYC, of which Jene was also a member.  Jene contacted him and through emails Hiro invited us to stay at his home/gallery in the Izu Peninsula.  We had dinner with his lovely wife before dropping her at the train station as she had work waiting for her.  We spent a relaxing hour at a public bath/ spa.  He was charming, warm and very accomodating, driving us to interesting sites with a view of  Mt Fuji in the distance and later to our hostel in the Fuji Lake area.

I guess, my point is, you never know who will like your work unless you get it out there.  But the competition is vast and the winners are few so I expect little but have a hint of anticipation for a pleasant surprise (not holding my breath) that some day my prints will come.  😉

Sunday,  January 23, 2011  2-5pm  Montclair University’s George Segal Gallery – artist opening (also a juried competition) will be exhibiting one of my floral prints as well as one of Jene’s images.  All are invited – the more the merrier.

Feb. 1st is  Shots Magazine deadline   theme “The Body”.  Now I certainly have enough nudes living in my hard drives but have to figure out how I want to interpret this juried competition.  Shot’s Magazine is a photography quarterly printed solely in B&W.

I’m thinking of submitting some of Keira Grants nudes.  She is a traveling fine art model of Jene’s choosing and although I was looking for a totally different concept she was lovely and worked with me.  The look I got was different than what I wanted but some of the images really blew me away.  Some very ethereal images.

I did little to change the lighting that Jene set up for his portion of the session and at times we simultaneously clicked our shutters resulting for me in an overexposed image because of his flashes.  Often giving me something totally unexpected.  He utilizes his flash units while I relied solely on the modeling light as my main soruce; which gives our images a totally different realm of creative style.  I am one of his biggest fans and wish I could shoot conceptually like him at times but that is not who I am.   His work is stunning, colors although dark are vibrant as he dramatically plays with light, shadow and movement in his own way.  His work can be appreciate on so many levels.  Skill being one of them.  He is a master of light having been the recipiant of 2 Emmys for his lighting design for major TV networks.

Although I shoot in color, I convert about half my images to B&W.   My work can also be considered stunning but in a much more subtle way and if you don’t take the time to stop and look, you may miss it.  Like a whisper draws one closer, that’s more like me,  the closer you get, the more you see, appreciate and understand.

Shots Magazine allows you to submit up to 12 images so I can have a couple different styles of images.  We’ll see, afterall, I still have plenty of time to bat this back and forth in my head until it hurts….


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